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Tips To Move Your Heavy Appliances Safely

Either you plan to move to a new home, a new city, or a new state, moving is not an easy job. Just think about everything you need to move, and you will find it highly difficult to move heavy appliances safely. Your home appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, and dryers are indeed some of the most expensive investments that you made in life to make your life easier. If there is any damage to these appliances during the move, you regret it afterward.

Therefore, you must pay special attention to your appliances and delicate furniture. It would be convenient for you to hire appliance and furniture delivery services to give them the attention they deserve. Below are some of the hacks that will help you move your appliances smoothly, without any hassle and damage.

Prepare Your Appliances

Just like all the other home articles, you also need to prepare your appliances for the move. By preparing means, you have to pack them safely for the move. No matter if it is a long-distance move or moving locally, you need to make sure that there is no moisture as it can breed mold, which is a big concern for the safety of appliances. Ensure that you pack them when they are scorched so that you won’t have to face any problem in the future.

Use an Appliance Dolly

When it comes to loading and unloading heavy appliances, you have to be very careful. It would be best to use an appliance dolly for the purpose as it is relatively easy to move a dolly. For all kinds of kitchen and home appliances, this dolly works best as it increases your moving power, and you can keep your appliances scratch-free. There are think nylon straps and rings on a dolly that help you keep your appliances safe. This is also safe for you to use this dolly as it protects you from a back injury. It is even better if you have a lending hand because operating a dolly is relatively easy for two people.

Use Floor Protectors

Moving a big appliance is not only dangerous for the appliance itself, but your floor is also prone to damage. Therefore, it is best to use floor protectors before moving. When you buy an appliance for the first time, they usually also get footpads to make their moving easier. Having these footpads used on your appliance keeps your floor protected from scratches. Do not ignore this point, especially if you have hardwood flooring or tile flooring in your home. It is quite expensive to fix these floors once damaged.

Make Use of Protection Sheets

Besides using floor pads, you can also make use of moving sheets. These sheets usually line the path that you use for moving heavy appliances and furniture. Even if you are using a dolly, make sure that your floor is protected from scratches, and using a floor sheet is the best solution in this regard. It acts as a protective layer between your appliance and the floor. Also, make sure that everything is smooth on your moving path so that nobody gets hurt during the moving process.

Do Not Forget To Disconnect From Electricity

Before you start moving your appliances, make sure you first have disconnected them from the electric circuit. If you forget to disconnect, you might harm yourself or the appliance. If it is a dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer, disconnect the hoses and completely dry them before securing these hoses.

Take Help of Appliance Experts

For disconnecting appliances like a stove, you would need a technician’s help or look for the best appliance movers in your area, and they also know how to disconnect a stove. If you want to call an appliance expert for the purpose, try contacting him at least one day before the move so that there is no hassle on the day of the move. When packing the stove, you should keep all the detachable parts, including the wire racks and glass sheets, separately. As far as the cord is concerned, you can keep it secured in a heavy blanket.

Use a Stretch Wrap

To keep your refrigerator safe, try wrapping it in a way that its doors become entirely secured. It would best to use a blanket to keep the body secured and prevent all sorts of damages when these appliances are in the moving truck. Once loaded on the moving truck, must keep it in an upright position. You have to check your appliances’ manual, where it is usually mentioned how to position them during a move.

Ask Movers To Pack

For electrical appliances, DIY moving is usually not recommended. If you choose to hire a full-service moving company, they can better take care of your appliances. When you are already employing them for moving, pay a little more and consider taking their packing services to pack your appliances for moving safely.

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