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CMI Safes

Safes are an essential security measure in both residential and commercial establishments. They protect valuable items and documents and offer peace of mind knowing that access to the vital contents is limited and guarded. With the vast number of safe companies in the market, how do you choose a safe that can guarantee the security and storage you need?

The CMI Safe Company is a well-trusted manufacturer in Australia. CMI stands for Craftsmanship Means Immunity. Established in 1946, the CMI Safe Company is currently the leading safe manufacturer in Australia. They have built a solid reputation in manufacturing a wide range of high-quality safes for various residential and commercial purposes. With 70 years of experience in the industry, many people and companies have widely trusted the CMI Safes Brand. Currently, they are one of the only remaining safe brands to produce locally in Australia.

This safe company aims to produce fire-resistant and water-proof safes with exceptional security features. Some of the CMI Safe Company specialties include pharmacy drug safes, pistol safes, medical safes, rifle safes, cash safes, document safes, office safes, home safes, floor and wall safes, and key safes. Let us explore some of these CMI safes and their outstanding features:

Home Safes

There are valuable items at home that need to be kept safe from theft, fire, floods, or other untoward events. A good home safe can protect these essential items and keep them accessible at any time.

A home safe needs to be easily accessible, portable, and water- and fire-resistant. If you are looking for superb fireproof home safes for sale, CMI Homeguard 1 and 2 Plus is the best home safe for your security needs. This home safe has fully adjustable shelving and a half-hour fire rating. This small fireproof safe can keep your home valuables secured for as long as you need to.

Security Safe

Domestic Safes

Valuable items or articles holding essential data can be protected with good quality security safe. The main reason for securing these crucial items in a security safe is to ensure that it is protected from theft, burglary, or even fire hazards. This safe is used for different industries, including dealers and wholesalers, where it is necessary to have key security. If you are looking for security safes for sale, CMI Safes has the perfect safe for you.

CMI Safes offers security safes of various sizes, colors, and security ratings to suit all your needs. Their safes are secured with either digital, combination, or key locks, and the key safes have removable leaves which can accept up to 250 keys. With the vast range of storage options provided, you will find a CMI security safe for you.

Medicine Safe

The storage of medicines needs to meet certain standards to ensure they are secure and so that the quality and shelf–life of the medicine can be maintained and prolonged. Appropriate storage will make sure that they will still be effective once taken as prescribed. Moreover, it lessens the risk of poison accidents. Some medicines can be easily damaged with exposure to heat, air, light, and moisture, rendering them ineffective. Exposure to such can also give harmful side effects once ingested. To avoid this, medicine should be stored securely and preferably out of reach of children.

Fortunately, CMI Safe Company can give you a medicine safe fit for medical standards with adequate security and durability. The CMI Drug Safe Model DS1 – DS4 complies with the Australian Health Department’s pharmaceutical standards. In addition to the anchoring bolt holes in these models, it is also provided with a lock that is high quality and pick–resistant.

Gun Safes

Commercial Safes – Drug Safes

Owning firearms is a huge responsibility. Keeping you and your family safe from unwanted accidents or mishandling is an even bigger responsibility. Firearms should be kept out of reach of children and should be stored properly to protect your family or your establishment. A high-end quality gun safe is essential to get this job done. CMI is known for its excellent pistol and rifle safes. If you are looking for gun safes online, then CMI Safe Company offers a wide range of options that will suit your needs.

CMI gun safes are outstanding since they are compliant with the different categories established for gun safes. These gun cabinets can secure all kinds of firearms: rimfire, centerfire fire rifles, self-loading shotguns, pistols, or handguns. With the available CMI gun safes, you will find a gun safe fit for your needs.

Knowing that there are various kinds of safes available in the market today, CMI Safe Company continues to stand out. With all its years of experience and innovation, it has become the top choice for government institutions and other establishments. If you are looking for a trustworthy safe, CMI Safes can surely deliver.

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