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Amethyst Gemstone Beads

As a jewelry lover, you get to acquire different precious and semi-precious gemstones for different ornamental designs and personal wellbeing. Of these one of the stones is Amethyst which is natural quartz derived from rock crystals.

Purple in color, this stone is available in various color zonings, shades, clarities, and sparkle. The stone is known to have the purifying and spiritual qualities to get the wearer free from the habit and effects of excessive drinking. It has properties that help to reduce the craving for drinking and work against the body toxins and radicals.

Amethyst is highly being used for creating personal adornments and is being worn for over 2000 years. It is mostly extracted from hollow agates of Brazil and Uruguay. Amethyst gemstone is available in abundance in a wide range of quality. You can get Amethyst gemstone beads in many shapes, outlines, and micro-cuts to go with different jewelry crafts and ornamental pieces.

Here are the most popular shapes and cuts that you can find with Amethyst beads:

  1. Brilliant Cut:

With Brilliant Cut Amethyst gemstones, you can see the beads with a triangular and kite-shaped cut on the surface spreading outwards from the center. It is called Brilliant Cut, as it reveals the most brilliant design of faceting polish with the most intricate work of cut and features a maximum number of facets.

  1. Step Cut:

A Step Cut is characterized by rectangular facets descending from the head of the jewel piece towards the bottom through the pavilion in oblong steps. It is a great option to choose from for your Amethyst gemstone if you are looking to create a large size male ring.

  1. Rose Cut:

In the case of a Rose Cut, you can see triangular facets surging towards the top of the stone piece to create a faceted mound that resembles a rose. In this craft of cutting you would find the top of the face done with facets and the bottom cabochon sporting a flat base. It always comes with round shaped stone jewelry.

  1. Checkerboard-Cut:

This is another famous micro-cut for Amethyst Gemstone Beads. These have a square and a kite-shaped facet over the dome. This is not much different than the Rose Cut in the pattern of cutting but has a pavilion bottom, unlike the flat bottom in the case of the Rose Cut. Both of these are shaped like a cabochon but have a faceted crown.

  1. Cabochon Cut:

In this type of cut, the top portion of the stone is shaped and polished as a rounded dome. These are mostly designed in round or oval shapes. Cabochons may have puckers and flareups on them as per the requirement of designs but these are never as sharper as in the case of a faceted stone.

  1. Mixed Cut:

Mixed Cut stone is typically a combination of Step Cut and Brilliant Cut. In this cut the round facets appear on the crown, step facets are cut through the pavilion offering it a mixed cut appearance. These can even have a combination of Cabochons and Facets aiming to create a more blended form of design for Amethyst gemstone beads.

These are basically the most popular designs and cuts that are available with Amethyst. There are more such shapes that you can have based on your ornamental design requirements and shape preferences.

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