What To Buy From a Bakery Food Supplier?

Running a bakery means you need to know what to buy just as much as you need to know what to sell. When making the products, to selling them to the customer, there are certain supplies you need to have. When you are ready to start making your shopping list to buy from a bakery food supplier, there are a few recurring staples that you should remember to get.

Below Are Those Staples Broke Down Into Three Main Categories:

Baking Ingredients

Let’s start with the basics here. Before we get anywhere else, we should get to the baking ingredients. It’s very much clear that your bakery food supplier would have to provide you with things you need actually to bake. This goes back to baking from scratch, meaning flour, sugar, dairy, leavening agents, and many more essential baking ingredients. You will need all of these things to make anything from cakes and cookies to eclairs and tarts. If you plan on using prepared mixes and bases for some of your baking, that is an option to purchase from a bakery food supplier. To add flavor to all of these recipes, you can also buy spices and mix-ins like fruits, nuts, or fillings.

Decorating Supplies

Once you’ve finished baking your goods, you have to decorate them. There is a wide range of decorating supplies you can get from a bakery food supplier to allow you to be as creative as you wish with your products. You can cover your bases with fondant and buttercream in different colors, then go over them with more fun decorations. Pick up your sanding sugars and piping gels and do whatever you want to make your cakes and baked goods look unique to the customers. You can add flavor and texture using mix-in ingredients like mini marshmallows to decorate your products as well. Airbrushing gives a fantastic effect to cakes if you know how to handle one. The possibilities go on and on.

Proper Packaging

Finally, we’ve come to one of the essential things to buy for your bakery, the packaging. Although it may be the least exciting for most people to plan out buying in bulk, it is critical to a bakery. You need something to hand over to the customers since you can’t just drop a freshly baked cake into their bare hands. It would help if you had suitable packaging for everything you plan on selling. Some items like bags and boxes will cover you for a lot of goods. Others are more specific to particular items like cupcakes and pie containers. Know what you will be making and get packaging for all of those items.

Being prepared with all of the right ingredients and supplies starts you off on the right foot. With everything you might need on hand, you can bake, decorate, and handoff all of your beautiful creations to those looking for a treat. Find all of the bakery supplies you need to get going over at Stover & Co and get ready for the next busy season.

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