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Bald Again After Hair Transplant

Nowadays, undergoing Hair Transplant is common as people are becoming open about it. It’s the only effective treatment that has helped millions of bald people with natural hair regeneration. Most commonly, men are the victim of this, and a huge range of celebrities, including Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan, have experienced Hair Transplant in Dubai. There is nothing to be ashamed of as enhancement in personalities is everyone’s right.

People who experience Hair transplants hold doubts regarding the results of the procedure. Different queries arise in everyone’s mind, including is it last for long-term or not? But before we start exploring about Can you go Bald again after a Hair Transplant in Dubai, it’s better that you should be aware of its procedure and techniques used!

The Hair Transplant procedure is minimally invasive. It’s based on the concept of separating grafts from any hairy site of the body to place it on the area where the hair is supposed to grow. The whole process is performed under general anesthesia and requires 3-4 hours to complete.

The two most prominent techniques involved in extraction are:

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Can You Go Bald Again After a Hair Transplant?

During initial sessions, almost every patient asks will they get bald in the future even after a Hair Transplant? Nothing is surprising for this as it’s the obvious fact that misconceptions and doubts occur in every single treatment. As we all know, shedding of hair is common, it’s normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair in a day, but it shouldn’t be ignored when it gets more than this.

Within the first week of Hair Transplant, before the new hair tends to grow, you might face some shedding of your original hair, and due to this, the newly emerging ones get thinner. At times, when it becomes worst, baldness can be seen.

It’s a very rare condition of facing excessive hair loss problems even after a Hair Transplant. This complaint usually occurs when your surgeon isn’t well-experienced. Conversely, when we talk about the trained and expert doctor, there is no chance of getting bald again in the future as they are highly skilled in performing the best Hair Transplants, which last permanently.

You can only go bald again after a Hair Transplant due to an inexpert surgeon. So before making any decision, don’t hesitate to ask regarding their qualification and experience. Not only this, several hormonal changes and health disabilities also result in baldness even after Hair Transplant.

Risk-Free Hair Transplants in Dubai

Dubai is also now becoming the most leading platform for the best Hair Transplants. Due to growing concerns about hair loss, every clinic is offering the Hair Transplants, but that doesn’t mean that they are all highly experts in this field. Patients are advised to visit the Dynamic Clinic for such apprehensions, which is the finest location for getting Hair Transplants. It’s one of the best clinics in Dubai, which provides promising results without the fatigue of getting bald in the future again.

Can you go bald again after a Hair Transplant? In Dubai, it’s not a serious concern anymore due to the high-class facilities of Dynamic clinic. You can visit to grasp lifetime comfort!

How Can I Prevent Hair Loss After Hair Transplant?

Believe it or not, hair loss is common even after a Hair Transplant. This is because it’s the natural hair regeneration process, and hair tends to fall just like a normal routine. But in case it gets severe, baldness can occur again, you should take it seriously. There are a wide number of ways to minimize the effects of post-operative shedding. Please have a look at them:

  • Medications
  • Temporary usage of cosmetics
  • Healthy diet

Last but not least! When you can’t stop the hair loss with the above-listed solutions, you might be needing to get another minor Hair Transplant surgery. However, your doctor will advise you on a suitable treatment plan in consideration of your concern.

Conclusion- Baldness after Hair Transplant!

You can go bald again after a Hair Transplant for numerous reasons, including an unhealthy diet, excessive sun exposures, and unnecessary heat and chemicals. Not only this, if surgeons haven’t performed the hair transplant correctly, it can result in baldness. But there is nothing to get worried about due to plenty of cosmetics and medications, which has helped the majority get back their lost hair growth. Besides this, when they don’t work, another Hair Transplant surgery is the only option you’ll have.

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