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Behaviors Make You Successful at Work

Flourishing in the workplace can seem like a daunting task to some. We create many barriers for ourselves that prevent us from even striving to shine in the workplace. This list of behaviors can help you push past those barriers and ultimately lead to your workplace advancement if followed correctly.

Creating Goals

Forming and chasing goals within the workplace is a big factor in succeeding in the workplace. This boosts your motivation to come to work every day and give it you’re all.

“I think goals should never be easy. They should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.” —Michael Phelps.

Set goals for things you’re afraid of, things you think are tough to achieve. This will push you more than setting safe goals that are within your comfort zone. Achieving those set goals ultimately correlates with success in the workplace.

Establishing a Network

You may commonly hear the same phrase when asking someone about succeeding in the workplace, “It’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know.” This certainly is not the only thing you need to succeed, but it plays a huge role in success. A year ago, CNBC reported that up to 80% of job openings are filled because of networking. This means that creating relationships with your co-workers and bosses could lead to opportunities down the road just off of maintaining your connection with them. I always recommend staying friendly with those people and avoid burning those bridges. For all you know, they could lead to your next promotion or job elsewhere that can move you up the hierarchy of success.

Staying Persistent

Failure is bound to happen as you progress in your career. This is why being persistent is the key to success. Avoid allowing those failures to detour your route to succeeding in the workplace and learn from them. Persistency allows you to get back up after falling and try again while applying what you learned from failing to your future attempts to perform at a higher level than you did before within the workplace.

Asking Questions When in Doubt

Sometimes, the only way to learn is to ask questions. While working, try to pick your boss’s brain or someone you think is great at the job about any doubts you may have. This will help any weakness you may have due to a lack of knowledge in the area. Even if you don’t have any doubts about the job, asking general questions consistently, such as doing your job at an even higher level, shows your superiors your willingness to grow. Putting this motivation on display can assist your attempt to move up in the workplace. Behavior like this is contagious and can create a like-minded work environment that is always looking to progress as a whole.

Maintaining a Positive Mindset

“The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” — Winston Churchill.

This quote couldn’t be more on the money. Maintaining a positive mindset makes your job easier and makes you more motivated to work. Instead of seeing every task as a roadblock, looking at tasks as opportunities to grow and succeed will result in constant success. This behavior is known to spread throughout the workplace and make everyone’s day better from an emotional standpoint and a productivity standpoint.

Opening Yourself To Criticism

Maintaining a positive mindset, staying persistent, and asking questions, is correctly taking criticism. Criticism from either self-evaluation or evaluation from others is how we see weaknesses we may need to improve on that we are blind to during the moments of being locked into our daily tasks at work. Emphasize pushing your pride and ego to the side during these moments. Realizing you always have things to work on is how people are always progressive. Look to coworkers or superiors for evaluation as well. They may see things that you don’t need to be adjusted or focused on as workers. These criticisms are the hardest to hear for some but can be the most useful for most. Focusing on weaknesses pointed out by workers and supervisors makes your progressive intent evident and ultimately makes you a better employee in the eyes of those around you.

Being Innovative

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” — Steve Jobs.

Being innovative and solving problems your workplace may have is how you stand out. This is not something everyone is born with, but everyone can learn how to be. Instead of constantly complying with the current process, try to look for ways to change the standard workflow to make it more efficient. Try creating projects outside of the standard work that can enhance the company’s overall success. Going that extra mile is something that companies love and can help accelerate your growth in or outside the company. This behavior can come naturally or be developed, but as Steve Jobs said, it shows who the true leaders are.

Giving a Helping Hand

Always being open to helping your team in the workplace has a plethora of benefits. First and foremost, the workplace’s overall team chemistry and morale are improved off of doing so. Everyone knowing there is always someone there who can help them out with difficulty gives employees a sense of comfort. This is also one of those “going the extra mile” behaviors, where you are doing something that may be outside of your daily expectations. This helps you succeed by improving overall productivity and being that shining star in your supervisor’s eyes, resulting in promotions or other incentives.

Leading By Example

A way to show you are a leader without any dialogue is through leading by example. Coming into work every day and following standards while exceeding work requirements are qualities of doing so. Leading through your words is a great tool to help you succeed in the workplace, but leading through example, lays the foundation.

Keeping Communication Fluent and Open

Communication can be used as a useful asset or can result in a negative work environment if neglected. Keeping communication fluent and open leads to avoiding any misunderstandings or unnecessary issues that can hinder productivity. Ensuring communication is constant and smooth can induce a uniform environment where everyone is on the same page. This means talking to superiors when there is an issue or informing a coworker on the standard work process. All types of communication should be formatted respectfully and helpfully. Being able to communicate properly and consistently are signs of a leader and translates to higher opportunity.

These behaviors are essential in regards to succeeding within the workplace. Following them will help you evolve as a worker. You will become a standout, problem-solving, Find your passion and purpose in life, progressive leader with these tools that are bound for elevation in your career.

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