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Oil On Paper

While traditionally, oil and paper are considered incompatible elements, there are no rules in art. When you think of it, paper is an excellent surface for oil painting as it is adequately prepared. You can easily paint on paper with an oil medium without having to worry about the paint flaking or cracking.

Moreover, times have changed, and now you can get hold of new kinds of paper manufactured explicitly for oil painting in the market. Here’s the best part: these new variants are comparatively cheaper than other modes such as canvas and linen. So try to get oil paper from any popular manufacturers to get the finish that you desire.

But don’t worry if you don’t have an acid-free or high-quality paper with you. Standard paper oil paintings have also shown stunning results without even a primer coating. If you are looking for a good oil painting to hang in your room, get your hands on some of the latest collections of oil paintings from the 1st Art Gallery.

Why Was Paper Not Preferred For Oil Painting?

Canvas and wood boards have been the most common supports for oil painting for classical painters for centuries. They had every reason to avoid paper; oil solvents on paper accelerated the degradation of the paper’s surface. Moreover, oil paint on paper also makes it prone to cracking in case of alterations in humidity.

If you read through the recent articles on oil painting by popular paint manufacturers, you’ll realize that this position has changed completely. For instance, Winsor and Newton have ascertained that oil paint is entirely safe on paper if it is adequately prepared. If you notice any faults in your oil painting, it is probably because the paper is not rigid enough compared to a board or a canvas.

Priming The Paper

The traditional artists may disagree, but sketching with oil paint on paper gives a fantastic texture to the artwork. Even professionals today prefer oil paintings done on paper rather than a canvas. All you have to ensure is that you use the right paper for it. If you ask us what qualifies as the right paper, we would suggest thinly-primed watercolor paper. You will come across oil paintings done on different media such as canvas, wood, and paper.

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It is recommended that you invest in a good quality paper for your artwork. If you are using paper that is not specifically made for oil painting, get it primed before you start painting on it. This will ensure that the paper is sealed from damage and that your art retains its quality with time. When the paper is coated with a primer of your choice, it prevents the oil from flaking.

Using Watercolor Paper

Watercolor paper suits the best for oil painting, but it should have a rough surface and be heavyweight. Remember to add a coat of primer to this sheet before you start using oil on it. Here’s another pro-tip; try to go for blocks or pads of watercolor paper instead of sheets. They are super convenient, and you can prime them without much trouble.

Printmaking Paper

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If you can’t get hold of watercolor paper, fret not; printmaking paper works just as fine. The best thing about this paper is that it has an acid-free surface, making it easier for prime. They usually come in sheets, but if you want customized sizes of printmaking paper, it’s better to buy a roll. If you love giving your work, we recommend that you keep a roll with you. It will come in handy when you want to gift different-sized artwork for various occasions.

Oil Paper

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Alternatively, you can use oil paper from different manufacturers for your artwork. This is the best option available for artists to bring the most out of their work. Since it is specifically made for oil media, you don’t have to seal it with a primer before painting it. There’s more; its oil barrier is so efficient that it absorbs the moisture and solvents from the oil, thus binding the paint pigments in place.


The convention mandates that oil paintings be done on canvas or wood to preserve the work’s texture and quality. But the modern solution to this hurdle was introduced soon enough, and it became popular for its efficiency.

You can also try different strokes and sketches to achieve the various effects of light on oil paper. If you are looking for a place to buy oil paintings for your residence, check out at and their collection.

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