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Custom Rigid Box Packaging

Custom rigid box packaging is becoming increasingly important as a value-adding element since packaging boxes can shape consumers’ experience with the product during unboxing and product consumption. The Packaging Republic believes that customized packaging boxes have the potential to accelerate consumers’ purchase decisions. There are evident strategic benefits of viewing custom rigid box packaging as a significant value carrier throughout the product’s life cycle in light of a product system perspective.

From a consumer perspective, the product and the custom rigid boxes are often perceived as closely integrated. Their perception of the packaging boxes sometimes determines the consumers’ first impression of the product’s quality and value. The packaging boxes are often called the “silent salesman.” This addresses the role packaging has when consumers purchase a product. For most rigid box manufacturers USA, this moment is called the first moment of truth. As far as consumers’ satisfaction is concerned, it cannot be achieved at the first moment of truth.

The consumer experience with the product and the packaging box is more important to analyze the consumers’ satisfaction levels. This is known as the second moment of truth. The second moment of truth is when the consumer uses, consumes, and disposes of the product and the packaging box. Therefore, the product, the packaging boxes, and integrated benefits and elements in the entire consumption process from purchase to disposal can be said as one product/package system.

An integrated product/packaging system can add value to consumers in communication and usability aspects. Still, it also adds value to other actors in the supply chain regarding efficiency aspects in handling, distribution, and transport. In the business-to-consumer domain, the custom rigid boxes are the product’s interface to the consumer and should be seen as an integrated part of your product. The integrated product and package system need to maintain and communicate the value perception since packaging promises what the enclosed product has to fulfill.

Brand Communication Through Custom Rigid Boxes

In the interface between your product and the consumer, one service provided through well-designed and sturdy packaging is communication. Many rigid box manufacturers USA state that the communication function of packaging is threefold: communication of necessary product information, communication of product and brand promotion, and interactive communication with consumers.

Communication as a marketing or promotional tool is especially significant in market channels with considerable competition at the point of sale.

It can be part of a brand’s marketing strategy in the way they get interaction with consumers.

Information on Custom Boxes

At the purchase moment, a consumer wants to have information about the products encased in custom rigid boxes wholesale. If the product is a food or tobacco item, some info is legally stipulated, and other information is added. However, the information on packaging boxes is not always developed from a consumers’ perspective. Several customers complain about the hard-to-understand information due to abbreviations and jargon, such as E-numbers on food, or unnecessary, such as an unknown language, or irrelevant, e.g., fat content in a carbonated drink. With regard to the value perception from the customers’ perspective, the custom rigid boxes packaging wholesaler can help communicate the expected outcome of the product.

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