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Floral Cakes For Birthday

Birthday comes once in a year, and it is for sure that time of the year when joy and celebration hit you to the fullest. I know many of us to plan a year or maybe two for the upcoming birthdays that what and how the birthday will be celebrated. Covid-19 has changed many aspects of life; however, it is one thing that has not changed is the birthday cake.

Well, we all have been trying different flavours in different kinds of cakes for all these years but now is the time to try something different and that could be the floral cakes. Like flower delivery in Mumbai is very easily available, you can order a floral cake too. You can call up a local bakery and asked them to bake you a beautiful floral birthday cake, and you can also send this birthday cake to your near and dear ones what are the different floral cakes and how and what kind of flavours this cake will incorporate in themselves. And of course when we say flavours any flavour can be made, but the icing will depend upon the season.

So Let’s Check Them Out –

1) Rose Cake

We all have been given roses as a sign of love, care, friendship, peace and a lot of other meanings that carry with itself. And that is why nothing will be better than a rose cake, of course, there are two ways to make a rose cake either you can call a bakery and ask them to bake one, or you can experiment with a store-bought cake.

Rose Cake

You can order a pre-baked cake from a bakery of any flavour you like or maybe your likes, add edible rose scent to it, for that extra rose flavour you can add rose essence. Now as far as your icing is concerned if you are not perfect with the design part, then you should go with fondant cut pieces that can be stuck on the cake in the form of rose petals. But if you want to go for whipped cream, then you can use nozzles to draw rose structures on the cake or just whip petals on the cake using different kinds of nozzles. Send flowers to Bangalore, along with this cake to surprise your friend who loves indulging in as many roses as possible, personally, you’ll feel like it’s over the top, but your friends or family members would be glad to have you.

2) Sunflower Cake

Sunflower Cake

Sunflowers are a symbol of joy, brightness, love, and care, sunshine, mainly because they represent the sun. Now whether your birthday is in the summers or not, these are annual flowers so that you can use them at any time of the year. Now, how about making a sunflower cake, the best part is that you can get a triple-layered new year cake that looks like a sunflower and is cut in the same shape with flavours like chocolate and orange or you can get any of your favourite cake and icing or whipped cream on the cake and then cover it with fondant. You see it’s not just the flavour of the cake but also its presentation.

3) Dahlia Cake

Dahlia Cake

Dahlia is yet another beautiful flower, which comes in various shapes and colours. It is a single or double flower plant. Now imagine how beautiful the dahlia cake will be? Well, the fact is that you can design a dahlia cake at home. It’s gorgeous, and a lot of colours can be added to it, plus whether it’s whipped cream or icing, you can always carve the design neatly. But if in case you are not able to do so then you can always go for the fondant version of the cake as it’s easy and requires only a few petals, just cut and paste them.

4) Orchids Cake

Orchids Cake

Image Source – theknot

The cake artists around the world have reached so many heights, that an orchid cake is nothing for them. But of course, designing a cake into those flowers can be quite tricky, especially for the new learners. That is why if you are going for an orchid cake then you can place the cake in the base or the cake could be carved into a vase on top of which you can stick fondant made orchid flowers, this would be the vertical version. But if you want the flowers should be visible as you cut the cake, then you should go for icing in two different colours. Use nozzles to draw different petals. Or here also you can cut flower petals from fondant and stick them on the cake.

5) 5 Petal Flower Cake

Remember those first flowers that you learnt making, this is the same five-petal flower. The best part is that you can make it using muffins and some whipped cream, frosting or icing. You can also get it into the shapes of flowers like hibiscus, geranium, plumeria etc. are some of them.

5 Petal Flower Cake

Image Source – craftsy

Flowers are a great source of positivity and energy in our lives. And so we are filled with joy whenever we see a flower, food scientists and bakers around the world have reached heights in different baking skills. The cakes mentioned above are just a sample of the few cake varieties. But there are a lot of other floral cakes available in the market that you can try or it can be given as a gift to your friend who might be a floral geek. And of course when in the present times you can get floral cakes, then flower bouquet delivery in Bangalore, is not far away and you’ll be happy to have such amazing surprises. Like you can also do two different things at once, get rose flowers and sunflower shaped cakes, this would be yet another new way of surprising someone.

You can also get one of those hammer cakes designed, it can have an outer look of rose and inside you can have sunflower or any other shape of flowers. It’s all about being innovative when you are gifting someone.

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