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A Complete Buying Guide to Purchase Wholesale Blank T-Shirts

There is not just one website online from where you can purchase wholesale blank t-shirts. So it would help if you had a buying guide for the purchase of a wholesale blank tee. Here is our buying guide for you:

Buying Guide for the Purchase of a Wholesale Blank Tee:

There are a few questions for which you will need an answer first. Here are those questions:

  1. Why do you prefer a blank tee over a printed tee? Can your blank t-shirt be screen printed?
  2. Are you willing to buy blank tees in bulk quantity? Will it aid you save enough money?

Which Company Should You Trust to Buy a Wholesale Blank Tee?

Some companies will offer you the best prices according to the number of t-shirts you purchase from them. The more t-shirts you buy mean, the more discount you will get. You should seek benefits while you are purchase blank t-shirts from a particular company. It would help if you opted for a company that offers excellent discounts on purchases; otherwise, it will be useless to get in touch with a company that does not offer bulk discounts for bulk purchases.

Should You Trust Brick and Mortar Stores to Buy Wholesale Blank Tees?

You also have the option to buy wholesale blank t-shirts from the brick-and-mortar store, but the question is: Should you trust such a store? The answer is: No. The reason is that these stores do not provide the t-shirts to the customers for optimal prices. There are some fixed price tees in brick-and-mortar stores, and there are some discounted price tees, but those discounts are meager compared to the discounts offered by the online wholesalers for the purchase of t-shirts.

What about the Shipping Cost of Online Retailers?

Yes, you have to pay for the shipping cost if you purchase a blank t-shirt from an online retailer’s website. However, these shipping charges can be discarded if you do bulk shopping on an online retailers’ website. For example, some online retailers claim that your order will be shipped for free if you make a purchase of over $150 from them. So it is better that you make bulk purchases online if you want to make the most of your money online.

Screen-Printing on Wholesale Blank T-Shirts:

Why should you go for a blank tee while there is also the availability of printed tees? Of course, you can get a blank t-shirt screen-printed; for the same reason, many customers opt for blank tees, particularly in America. You can get a blank t-shirt screen-printed with your company logo or a message. Some online sellers of blank t-shirts also offer the option of screen-printing. We recommend you to approach the sellers of blank t-shirts who also offer you the option of screen-printing, as it will help you save your precious time.

Do Online Retailers Offer Refunds If Your Order Is Not Placed Correctly?

You should be careful when ordering; however, if an online retailer places a wrong order for you, it can be refunded only if your package is not damaged. You should read the return and refund policy on an online retailer’s website if you do not want any mishaps.

Why Should You See the Size Chart While You Order a Blank Tee Online?

Buying online does not offer you the option of trial, so you need to see the size chart on an online retailer’s website to get your hands on the right kinds of wholesale blank t-shirts while ordering them online. You should be on your guard if you do not want to place your order wrongfully.


Buying t-shirts from an online clothing wholesaler will help you save enough money; however, you do not get the option of the trial while you buy a t-shirt online. It would help if you answered a few questions before you approach any apparel store online. Should you trust a brick-and-mortar store over an online retail store? After comparing the pros and cons of brick-and-mortar stores with online retail stores, you need to answer this question. Some people wrongly claim that brick-and-mortar stores also offer great discounts. You will need to pay the shipping cost to an online retailer if you do not purchase bulk t-shirts or clothes from it; however, this cost can be discarded if you opt for such a retailer for bulk purchases. Lastly, you need to keep the preceding buying guide in your mind if you do not want to waste your efforts to purchase blank tees for wholesale prices online.

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