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Home Gym

A Pet Can Add Some Weight Too!

You have no sufficient money to pay for the gym membership fee? Perhaps you get home late from work. Maybe the gym facility is located far away and commuting attracts a huge expenditure. Time and money are part of the many limitations that prevent most people from going to the gym centre. Well, if you’re passionate about fitness, you don’t have to break the bank to pay the huge membership fee. You can design your home gym using simple household items.

While getting expert training at the gym centre is the best thing: workout at home can help you build muscle strength and cardio. Home workout equipment is usually expensive, but household items come as great alternatives. To spark some inspiration, check out the below home gym hacks, including common household items that you can creatively utilise for various exercises.

Chair for Triceps Exercise

Yes, using a kitchen table or a chair, you can tone your triceps like never before. Firstly, turn your back to the seat on the chair. With your fingers facing forward, lay your fingers on the seat. Then, with legs at an angle of 90 degrees, bend your elbows, lowering the glutes to the ground.

Alternatively, you utilise a folding chair as a bench. In this essence, you sit on the chair with hands at the sides. Then spread your legs such that they form a straight line from your ankle to the hips. Lift your torso to around 3 inches. Gradually lower your elbow at the right angle, keep repeating until your desired time.

Floor Mat as a Yoga Mat

Floor mat, a great fitness surface!

While yoga mats go very cheap in the local malls, you can still wash your floor mats and use. A room set for fitness is mostly small that you need several mats to cover the home gym flooring. The good thing with a floor mat, it will work as a flooring material and as a yoga mat to rest your back or head over concrete. Cleaning the sweat off the floor mat often is crucial as it is where most sensitive parts of the body rest during exercise.

Soapy Floor as a Treadmill Alternative

Wondering which household items is the best alternative for a treadmill? You can’t imagine how just powdered soap on a tiled floor can work great as a homemade treadmill. Although it’s easy to find the best treadmill under 1000, not everyone would afford the machine. The soapy floor is brilliant creativity that can work as a home gym treadmill.

In this sense, all you do is pour a powdered soap or shower gel on the kitchen or bathroom floor. Then, add some water and slip your feet repetitively on a self-created hazard. This is a sure way to create a makeshift gym at home for trimming excess belly fat.

Door Frame for Rowing Exercises

Want to do some pull-ups or chin-ups? The door frame can work! You place the hands around it. The door frame can work ideally when doing rowing exercises. Performing rows, you need weight and nowhere to position yourself to use your bodyweight to row. While you can use the table too, where you hold its edge from the bottom, it must be heavy enough.

Again, to perform a rowing exercise with a door frame, hold its sides and to allow yourself to fall back. The backpack with some weight can help add some resistance to enhance your exercise. Using a door frame to perform rowing workouts is one of the best home gym ideas to consider.

Water Bottle as Dumbbells

Looking for weights for lateral raises? Water bottles may not be as heavy as you would want but serve where you don’t need heavyweights—having two water bottles on each hand, while squatting is enough as a home gym dumbbell set. You can put several water bottles in the backpack, and the weight will add up.

Perform Glute Bridges Using a Couch

Sounds silly? Not really. It’s part of home gym ideas. Using a couch, you can perform glute bridges stepwise. Firstly, lie on the floor while facing up; lift your heels to rest at the edge of the couch. Secondly, raise your hips by squeezing via your glutes until the shoulders are in linear with the knees. Lower your back to the starting point. Repeat till you feel it’s enough.

Broom to Improve Mobility

You can improve your mobility without leaving you bruised or feeling battered. To benefit from this exercise using a broom;

  • Hold it above your head.
  • Keeping your hands locked; take it back until you feel maximum resistance.
  • Repeat while bracing your core simultaneously.

Perform Deadlifts Utilizing a Laundry Basket

To begin with, load a laundry basket with clothes, soaps, and other detergents. Stand tall, then space your feet hip-width distance and place the basket between them. Hinging at the hips a bit, bend the knees, and thrust your rear back. Keep your back straight while grasping the basket’s handles. With your arms long and the back flat, stand up. Then lower down the basket and repeat the process severally.

Home Gym Design Ideas

Natural lighting for a home gym!

When creating a home gym space, there are things you should consider. The basic factor to consider is the home gym layout. The layout should be so that the natural lights can find a way into space either through the window, door, or home mirrors to reflect lights. Make it as budget-friendly as possible – you can start without any gym equipment and use common household things.

Your home gym may not be in a specific place – you can use the kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Since home gym lighting needs to be dim or natural lights, you can cover the bulbs of any room you are using for exercise with a translucent object. Alternatively, you can place mirrors at an angle to reflect in light from the sun or open a window to allow in sunlight where possible


Exercise at home has tons of benefits. This article lists ideal home workouts you could do without spending anything on buying gym equipment. You don’t need to commute with working out at home, no paying gym subscription fees, it’s very convenient as exercising is anytime you are in the mood among other benefits.

Exercising using smaller home gym accessories gives you a foundation to kick start the next level of fitness. Most people have tried to work out at home using the common household. Do you workout using household items? Which item do you use at home and for which purpose? Which home gym design ideas do you fancy? Please let us know some of the things you use at home for fitness.

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