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Ultralight Stroller

What is the Ultralight Stroller?

The ultralight stroller is, among all the types, the one that has as its peculiarity the lower weight and greater compactness, even when closed, which makes the model, in general, ideal to be used as a second stroller and carried as hand luggage because it takes up little space in the overhead bins of the plane (however, compatibility with the measures imposed by the flight company must always be checked). Or also of trains and buses.

It is not an insignificant benefit to take the stroller with you in the cabin and not have to leave it in the hold. Above all, it involves a considerable saving of time and effort for parents once they arrive at their destination.

How is The Ultralight Stroller Made?

Going into detail, the ultralight stroller has some distinctive features:

  • Maximum weight: 6 kg
  • Model: 4 wheels
  • Closing method:

Classic umbrella in the models with the double handle (today, however, tends to be increasingly rare)

Compact book or packet in the models with a single handle, the one that, more frequently, allows the stroller to be loaded on the plane as luggage hand

Ultra-compact 3D, The Evolution of Book or Packet Closure

Here you will find our guide in which we have detailed the difference between all the possible closing methods.


Usually not removable and not reversible, always facing the street


reclining, with some exceptions, up to the sleeping position, often with a belt system

Wheels are usually small, single or double or two single (front or rear) and two double (front or rear). Generally, the front ones are pivoting, and the rear ones are cushioned.


there are not many standard accessories, usually the classic ones, such as the storage basket, the canopy and the rain cover.

When: Find out if it’s okay for Your Child’s Age

Usually suitable for children aged 6 months and over, it has a very light frame, with more compact dimensions (especially when closed), and also the seat is usually less enveloping and wide than that of classic four-wheel strollers.

Some models provide the possibility of transforming the stroller into a modular system by attaching the carrycot or car seat to the frame. It is possible thanks to the use of specific adapters.

Only in this case, the ultralight stroller can be used from the first day of the child’s life.

Why: To Buy or Not to Buy

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the ultralight stroller to give you further information to help you understand whether or not it is a suitable purchase for you and your family.


  • very light
  • very compact
  • handy and easy to drive
  • ideal for traveling and
  • Carrying as hand luggage on airplanes: it is good, however, to always check with the specific airline and the measures it imposes, even in the presence of the certification provided by the brand of suitability for transport as luggage by hand.


  • Not suitable for dirt roads and off-road routes (for example, if you live in the mountains)
  • the seat is narrower and less comfortable for the child
  • in general, suspensions are missing or, in any case, they are not on all four wheels
  • few standard accessories

Why Choose The Ultralight Stroller?

It is recommended for those who live in the city and travel a lot and frequently, especially by plane, and need a product that takes up as little space as possible when stored at home or in the car’s trunk.

Why Not Choose the Ultralight Stroller?

It is not recommended for those who live in the mountains and often go to dirt tracks and bad roads. The small wheels and the light structure of the aluminum frame are not at all suitable for a type of terrain that is not uniform and linear.

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