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Importance of Access Control

In today’s fast-paced age, where there are continuous innovations in technology, our need for traditional locks is slowly fading. We have now started talking about AI-based locks that will unlock the doors only when they enter the house or business premises. Many houses and business owners have started using electronic access control systems to unlock their doors.

So, what does access control indicate? Access control is a method of controlling and knowing who enters a door & when. The person who needs to enter through those controlled doors could be a contractor, an employee, a friend, or a family member. These people may be on foot or driving any vehicle. You would usually need access control at industrial sites, offices, Banks, Financial Offices, apartment buildings, homes, or even some particular cabins or restricted areas. Today, we will talk in detail about it and the importance of access control.

First, Let’s Understand What an Access Control System?

Before we understand why we need them, let’s check what access control systems are. An access control system is typically electronic security that uses an electronic identifier to authorize people to enter certain areas. These systems record when and where someone entered and left. These control systems are extremely helpful in tracking the ins and outs of your premises.

There are usually 5 fragments of an access control system;

  • Server,
  • Credentials/identifiers
  • Reader
  • Controller, and
  • Door lock.

First of all, you will need to submit your credentials to a reader. The reader will then send the data to a control panel, which will check if your credentials match the server database. If the credentials match with the system, the control panel will send an electronic signal to unlock the door. If the credentials are unidentified and unauthorized persons are trying to gain access, the door will remain locked. In some systems, owners can set the alarm or notification if such a situation occurs.

What are the Different Types of Access Control?

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) –

This type of access is usually used in large organizations, financial services, government buildings, or organizations with specific access needs. The access can be given basis on the employee’s roles and responsibilities.

Discretionary access control (DAC) –

This one can assign the access rights based on the rules that the user specifies.

Mandatory access control (MAC) –

This control system is non-discretionary, which means people are granted access based on an information clearance.

Importance of Access Control System

Considering the features and options these systems offer, it may seem like a massive investment. Some people may think the traditional locks have been used for so long now & they still serve the purpose, so why should one spend more on such an electronic system? Well, if you ask Rockville Locksmith Services, we would say that people who own any property have all the right to know what’s happening at their property at any given point in time of day and night. We’re pleased to share here some key benefits of access control systems:

1. Keeps a Log of Access

The best benefit of using a control system is that it records individual data in its server when and where a particular person has gained access or if an unauthorized person was trying to gain access to any particular door or location. Every time the access control system is being asked to give access, and it makes a log of it. This helps in generating a report for you to review your security and access control system. With such logs and reports, you can catch any individual who is not following the access control and locate people in case of an emergency.

2. Provides an Extra Layer of Security

Although a conventional lock will be enough to lock and unlock doors, they can easily be broken or manipulated by a skilled burglar. These traditional locks are also prone to damage & natural wear & tear, making them hard to function. There are chances that you might lose your keys or forget them somewhere or get them stuck in the lock. This would be a panic situation if you don’t know the Best Locksmith Services Near Me and leave your property vulnerable to crime. Therefore, in case of the mere presence of an access control system possibly will scare off a would-be thief. Since access control systems keep a log of entries, you can also identify a person responsible for any loss in a particular area.

3. Prevents Unauthorized Access

Access control systems allow you to grant access to employees as per their designation, role, or authority and set the time frame for such access. For example, when you terminate an employee, or the employee resigns, you can cancel all access rights of that employee from the master database so that in case the employee can be stopped gaining access to any area of the building and alarm can go off or the security can be notified. This will not only stop such people from entering your business facility but also maintain confidentiality among your existing employees and keep your property safe and avoid any possible damage.

4. Ease of Access

A keyless system will eliminate the need to carry many heavy keys and the risk of losing them. Once someone is authorized, the person will be able to access your property with just a swipe of a card, a pin’s contribution, or by a gentle push of a finger. This also eliminates the time you have to waste waiting for someone who has the key or a security guard to identify a visitor.

5. Save Energy and Money

Such high-security systems eliminate the need for keeping an additional security person on every entry gate to keep watch of your property. This is very useful in a large business setting, where many security guards must keep watch of individual access. With the help of log reports, you can easily track and review the activities on your property. All these modern access control systems can be combined with heating, lighting, and cooling systems.


The importance of access control systems bids more than just the above-mentioned benefits. Above all, it gives you mental peace and satisfaction that your property is under heavy surveillance and security. When you decide to purchase an access control system, don’t forget to consult with Rockville Locksmith Services first. They will help you identify the best security system for your property and as per your need and pocket.

If you are keen on knowing more about access control systems, contact Best Locksmith Services Near Me, A1 Super Locksmith Services. We offer a variety of locksmith services for all your residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith needs. Call us today at (800) 214-8901!

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