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Lace Allen Edmond

Hey! Are you feeling bored with your old shoes? Just revamp them and feel like a new one. Yeah, you got right. Change the lacing style and give your dress shoes a fresh, personal, and unique look. You can spice up your sneakers with coloured laces in different designs. But that is not the case with Allen Edmonds.

Allen Edmonds is a United States-based company that manufactures and sells dress shoes for men. However, it is an expensive brand; people like its durability and style.

With a decent look, Allen Edmonds demands a decent lacing style. We will tell you about lacing and tying dress shoes and something more about shoelaces in detail.

How to Lace Different Shoes?

Lacing the shoe is not rocket science. You learned it when you were a small child and even did not know how to spell shoelaces. But with time, you observed that every lacing style did not suit every shoe. You can not lace-up dress shoes as you do your running sneakers or joggers.

There are many cool lacing styles to change the look of your dress shoes. You can add some more elegance to them. If you wear Allen Edmond and don’t lace them in a specific way, you tend to miss the charm.

How to Lace Allen Edmonds?

When we talk about smart shoes, here it doesn’t indicate the Bluetooth connected tech shoes. We are talking about black or brown leather dress shoes. Allen Edmond is one of them. And we are going to tell you the two most popular, decent, and cool ways to lace these smart shoes.

Bar Lacing

Bar Lacing

It is the most decent and popular lacing style for dress shoes for official use. You can lace it with two different methods by following these simple steps.

In the First Method

  • Make the lace equal on both ends.
  • Start from the toe side and feed on the first eyelets.
  • Bring out one end of lace from the third hole of the same side.
  • And the other from the second hole of that side
  • Repeat this until you finish.
  • And if the footwear has an odd number of holes, then the last one will make a slanting bar on the inner side.

You can also do it with another easy method.

  • Insert the lace from the first eyelet.
  • And bring out from the last one the opposite side with the longer side of the lace.
  • Now make a bar and feed the opposite eyelet.
  • Bring out from the next hole and make another bar making slanting bars on the inner side.
  • Follow these steps until the end.

Criss Cross Lacing

Criss Cross Lacing

  • The second most loved and nice-looking lacing style is crisscross. Follow these steps to lace-up.
  • Make both sides of lace equally long.
  • Insert from the top eyelets and make a bar
  • Come out from the alternate holes on both sides, forming a cross.
  • Repeat till the last eyelet.

Tying sneakers is also an artistic way to enrich the style of your dress shoes. There are more than one tie knots loved by people to tie Allen Edmonds.

How To Clean Laces of Dress Shoes?

Footwear like Allen Edmonds and others made of leather are not washable, and we polish and condition them to clean and shine. But after some time, laces get dirty and need to be cleaned. Laces of every type are washable and can be washed in the machine and by hand as well.

If you want to wash them in the machine, put them in a mesh bag before dropping them in the machine. It would prevent it from being entangled. Then rein, and air dry.

If you wash them with hands, let them soak in lukewarm water and detergent for a while. Then rub with hands and wash thoroughly. Then air dry.

Then lace up nicely and make your footwear look like new.

If your laces are torn out, and threads are looking dispersed, they need to be replaced. While replacing them ensure the exact match of colour and length of the original one.


If you like to wear Allen Edmonds the lacing them nicely is a plus. To enhance your personality tying the sneakers is a feature to be noticed and handled likely. Tying and lacing also enhance developmental and motor skills. Moreover, it’s art and fun to tie and lace your shoes yourself.


Q: At what age children should tie their laces themselves?

Ans: At the age of five, children should start learning to tie their laces. It requires patience and practice. Tying shoelaces improve their motor skills.

Q: How can you untie a tight knot of laces?

Ans: Tap the knot slightly with some hammer to make the knot loose. Then locate the loops and make them lose by twisting and pulling with your fingers. You can use a screwdriver, or a knitting needle or a bamboo stick to pull the loop and loose the tight knot.

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