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Lotus Tattoo

How fair is this? Perhaps some complex psychological mechanism is at work here lotus tattoo, forcing a person to rethink his actions and life involuntarily. Something like this, at the level of interaction with consciousness, tarot cards work.

By getting a lotus tattoo, you are changing the program you are carrying.

How does the lotus flower drawing of a tattoo affect the character, emotions, and life itself? Books, articles have been written about this, a lot has been said in the media. This is essentially the same effect as with the name. How will you name the ship … Only in this case, instead of letters, an image is used.

Why this might work is debatable. For example, people, massively believing in something, “charge” the idea with their energy. This is not magic, not mysticism, but a feature of the human psyche and its interaction with the outside world.

What Does a Lotus Tattoo Give in Terms of Spirituality?

For example, a lotus mandala tattoo is a very interesting option:

  • Stimulation of internal striving for development;
  • Harmonization of energies circulating within a person;
  • Balance of masculine and feminine principles;
  • Diving into oneself to understand the true self.

Such a tattoo is a kind of adapter for understanding oneself, one’s place in this world, and some unshakable laws of the universe. Signs and symbols of this kind were applied to the skin by our ancient ancestors. They acted on the principle of personal experience. That is, if such a practice has survived our time, it means that it gave the desired result.

It isn’t easy to find at least one stream of Hinduism or Buddhism in which this flower would not be mentioned in one way or another. Ritual drawings, henna tattooing, and permanent lotus tattoos are commonplace.

Some gurus say that these images help to pacify our inner chaos, the ever-raging element. You get an effective 24/7 self-monitoring mechanism.

There are main directions in which you have to move by choosing this symbol for yourself:

  • Search for truth in its purest form;
  • Fighting personal handicaps;
  • The desire to resist passions and vices;
  • Striving for the beautiful, natural, given by nature;
  • Spiritual practices;

For men, such a tattoo will mean prudence and intelligence, a willingness to take responsibility for their actions and their own lives. Also, some sources say that the lotus flower makes a person more confident.

Initially, such tattoos were done by monks. It was a kind of seal, indicating that they made vows. In essence, it is a constant reminder of what you must do. And they owe, first of all, to themselves. Indeed, there is no concept of a supreme deity in Buddhism, and theoretically, everyone can reach heights.

Let us recall that spiritual development in Eastern traditions plays a very important role. A person must reach a certain state to no longer be reborn. Otherwise, he will have another “life-long walk” to learn the lessons not learned earlier.

In this sense, a lotus is a tool that constantly reminds you of which path you have chosen and why. People of every gender and age can do it.

This is one of the “purest” and spiritual signs in the history of humanity. Although some communities, such as the “White Lotus” school, are considered sects in certain circles. They have existed since the 12th century. At that time, these organizations fought for the independence of China from the Mongol invaders.

Original Sketches of Lotus Tattoos

Cool drawings are stylized for India, China, etc., realistic, or made in a psychedelic style. Color tattoos are very popular now. The presence of color allows you to show the context in which the flower is depicted.

Watercolor has become one of the key styles. It allows you to create a drawing that looks, albeit not entirely realistic, but very beautiful and delicate. However, when choosing this style, it should be understood that quality of work and paint are required. Otherwise, the watercolor streaks will lose their shape, and the picture will “float” on your skin.

Indian lotus graphics and geometric tattoos have also enjoyed considerable success. Monochrome images are applying with black paint. It looks the most contrasting and looks equally good on any skin tone.

Plot tattoos are more difficult but believe me, and it’s worth it. They can be small or take up a significant area of your body.

Most popular subjects:

  • The elephant in lotus flowers;
  • Hindu deities, especially Ganesha;
  • Buddha in a lotus flower;
  • complex ornaments, including;
  • a snake, or a dragon surrounded by lotuses – a symbol of wisdom, comprehension of secrets;
  • carps and lotus;
  • often the tattoo is accompanied by inscriptions in Sanskrit;
  • Lotus tattoo in a triangle.

What is better – to choose a ready-made sketch or to order its creation by a tattoo artist? It all depends on what the goal was original. If you want a specific-looking flower, it doesn’t matter if the image is unique. Usually, we are talking about the classic versions in the Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist styles.

It’s another matter if you need a decorative tattoo with nothing to do with practices and spirituality. You are not limiting by any conventions in such a situation, and you can choose for yourself how the result will look like.

Temporary Tattoo Lotus

Most people are confusing about the terms.

What is a Temporary Tattoo?

There are two options:

  • Henna tattoo;
  • In a real tattoo, when applied, the paint injected less deeply.

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