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My Anxious To Exciting Journey of Work From Home During Lockdown

Hi, I am Oliver Smith from Liverpool, a lockdown person like you all. I am stunned to see how life transforms its role and gives you surprises almost every day. We all are worried about the economic drop, job loss, financial crisis, and many other things during lockdown due to COVID-19. People are anxious about their future, and I was on the same boat with them when the ‘stay home’ period started in March.

I went through the expected money mess and became the victim of all the horrifying anticipations about my financial and personal life. Then things changed gradually, and that changed my perception of life. Yes, I had to struggle a lot, but as honest efforts always reciprocate with good results, I have fewer reasons to worry now.

Here is my real story that describes the conditions that I went through during the lockdown period. Be a part of it, and you will be able to relate to many of them.

The Employer Announced Work From Home From The 23rd Of March Without Any Clarity On Salary Strategy.

As they talk about the coronavirus was prevalent in the city, it was already expected that something like this is about to happen. Our company informed us through an official mail from the 23rd of March we all work from home.

That was fine. But the reason for anxiety was that the company didn’t clarify the strategy on salaries. Do we need to work on furlough, or is there any termination policy once the lockdown period gets over? In short, like the other colleagues, I was completely insecure and confused about my future.

Fear of Job Loss Became Intense.

All the colleagues of my company are connected to a common WhatsApp group. As the company didn’t give any confirmed signal about the job security or salary thing, we all were extremely tensed due to countless uncertainties in our mind about the coming months. Possibilities of extension in the lockdown period were already making the situation worst.

I Got a Final Word From The Company on the 12th of April.

We got our salaries for March at the right time without any deduction, but what about the coming months? After intense stress, finally, we got a reply. The company sent another e-mail on the 12th of April.  It was about the action plan of the company that included the following points-

  • How will we coordinate with each other to continue office work?
  • How we will receive our salaries and
  • Most importantly, on what basis we can save our jobs.

The third point was the primary thing to leave us all extremely restless. The company mentioned that it would provide 60% of our salaries during the lockdown period. For that, too, we need to prove our competency through performance.

Extreme Strain As I Have Multiple Expenses and a Mortgage

It was not difficult to give my best and get 60% of my salary, but I am in the sales department, and attaining targets while staying at home is not easy. Our company deals with secured machined loans that are offered to the businesses of the food industry. I have set monthly targets, and if I cannot go out and meet people, how can I convince them to get funds and do the necessary verification. Already businesses are at a significant loss.

I was tensed due to my household expenses and my home loan installments. You know very well that many costs are uncompromised. Forget about the non-priority bills. You cannot miss the important ones.

With so much pressure on performance at work, it was complicated to earn money and manage the debts and other outgoings.

I Made a Rigorous Strategy on Work as Well as Personal Expenses.

I couldn’t lose hope and spoil everything. For the well-being of my family, it was vital for me to stay healthy. I decided to give my best and make a strategy both for my work and for money management.

  • My Plan For Work –

I suggested that to keep doing business with less threat of default on loans, and we should lend only a small amount. The interest rates on the machine loans should be 2% higher than the previous one that we used to offer before the lockdown when things were normal. I got an acceptance from my company. Besides, I also got an appreciation for supporting during the time with such a great idea. In short, I got all the positive vibes from my employer that I will not lose my job.

  • My Plan For My Expenses

As I had many losses and a significant obligation of mortgage, I first worked on the budget. Reduction in costs was a vital thing to do, and for the mortgage, I talked to my online mortgage broker, Shine Mortgages, to help me get a payment holiday of at least two months. The procedure took only four days, but the broker brought an excellent mortgage payment holiday plan, after which I was able to manage everything properly. Now things are normal despite lockdown, so finally, I am happy and out of the danger of job loss with complete control over my finances. I am pleased that my family and I are safe now, and I am also doing well in my job.

I also got a confirmation that I will not lose my job even after lockdown. After all, I am giving the best performance even while sitting at home. The company is ready to reciprocate my efforts with better perks and increments after six months. Life is always unpredictable, but our minds and willpower are the two prime tools to help us get through every difficult time. The lockdown period has created a new personality in me, which is better in patience and performance.☺ ☺

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