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Outdoor Garden Plants

Hey, you are looking for outdoor garden plants. Well, you got to the right place. We have selected 6 outdoor garden plants that need less care and can be grown easily. These are some of the most popular and preferred choices for outdoor plants and flowers.

For those who don’t have gardens, you can go for indoor flowering plants that can be easily placed in your living rooms, bedrooms, etc. But, for now, let’s look at some of the best outdoor plants that you can have in your gardens.

6 Outdoor Garden Plants

Sunflowers – Outdoor Flowers

These are some of the most popular outdoor flowers and are grown annually. Interestingly, in their initial stages, these flowers move their flowers from east to west based on the sun’s direction.

Sunflowers - Outdoor Flowers

As there are so many sunflower varieties present in the market, you’ll find the suitable one for your gardens. These outdoor flowers can tolerate heat and drought, so they are strong enough to sustain themselves in diverse situations.

When it comes to watering, make sure not to over-water the plant. These outdoor flowers like full sun, and it boosts their growth. Also, 2021 has been designated as the Year of Sunflowers by the National Garden Bureau.

Zinnias – Low Maintenance Plants

Zinnias are one of the low-maintenance flowers that you can use for your outdoor garden plants. They grow in many colors, including orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow, making your garden look more attractive and liveable. These annual flowers also have different shapes like stars, spiders, domes, etc.

Zinnias - Low Maintenance Plants

As these plants require proper sunlight, so choose their place accordingly. Choose a spot that gets direct sunlight for around 6 hours. For better growth, water them regularly and keep the soil moist. Whether you’re a beginner or gardening for long, you have to add this to your list of outdoor garden plants.

Daffodils – Small Outdoor Plants

If you’re looking for bulbs for your garden, then daffodils can be a good choice. You’ve to wait until winter or early spring to enjoy the yellow and white color blooms. People use them as small outdoor plants, and some have hundreds of them in their gardens. It needs less care and maintenance that it can grow up to 18 inches in height.

Daffodils - Small Outdoor Plants

For proper growth, place your daffodils where it gets direct sunlight. However, if that’s not the case with your garden, shady sunlight can be fair enough. They require proper well-drained soil, and it should be moist. So, whenever you feel that the soil is dry, water it accordingly. The roots of this outdoor garden plant will rot if provided excessive water.

Hostas – Outdoor Winter Plants

Another outdoor garden plant that is perennial and grows in shady gardens. These plants require filtered or shady sunlight and are suitable for gardens that don’t receive direct sunlight. Its eye-catching leaves are one of the reasons for its growing popularity among gardeners.

Hostas - Outdoor Winter Plants

There are so many varieties of this outdoor garden plant that also have different sizes. Small-sized plants are faster to grow, and large plants take around 6-7 years.

As mentioned earlier also, hostas require shady sunlight. If you notice dull colors or leaves turning brown, it can be due to excessive sun exposure. Apart from shady sunlight, this outdoor winter plant requires well-drained soil. The watering is done to maintain the moisture in the soil but doesn’t make it wet otherwise, the roots will rot.

Rubber Plant – Artificial Garden Plants

If you can’t wait to fill your outdoor garden with plants, like, many people, you can also use artificial outdoor plants. This is selected based on the plant’s popularity, looking, and availability.

Rubber Plant - Artificial Garden Plants

You can buy this plant from online platforms like Amazon, etc. This plant looks like it’s a real and natural plant. Its height is around 2 ft. Apart from grouping it with other outdoor garden plants, you can also use this as an indoor flowering plant.

Petunias – Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants

These annual outdoor garden plants will add more beauty to your garden. The colors include pink, purple, yellow, red, orange, green, and white. This low-maintenance outdoor plant requires proper and direct sunlight for at least 6 hours. You have to choose the plant’s spot carefully where it can get enough sunlight.

Petunias - Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants

Like the above outdoor flowers and garden plants, these plants also require well-drained and moist soil. Don’t keep the soil dry and too wet if you want proper growth. These plants will grow easily and fast, and you’ll get solid colors with fragrance.

Final Say on Outdoor Garden Plants

Now, you very well know what you need to do. Pick the outdoor garden plants that you wish to have in your garden and start growing them. It will take some time to feel the pleasure of roaming in your garden and having such amazing and colorful outdoor garden plants.

Wishing you luck in your gardening journey!!

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