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Questions Before Planning Wedding

If you are on this page, reading this, then it’ll be right to assume that your wedding day isn’t far away, and like everyone else you’ve got big dreams for your big day. You’d love for it to be a spectacular event, with everything perfect, right? Well, we understand that nothing compares with the thrill and anticipation of the special day.

Planning a wedding isn’t the easiest of things, after all, there are so many things to consider—setting the budget, choosing the venue, selecting the cuisines and caterers, designing the invitations, picking florists and decorators, organising the pre-wedding photoshoot; the list is endless. Worry not, for we’re here to help you organise and plan things, so your big day turns out to be a day you have been dreaming of for years. We’ve narrowed down ten questions, that can be used as pointers, to help you set the tone for your wedding and ensure that you have the wedding of your dreams.

Look at the most important questions that need to be answered before planning your wedding.

1. Who is Going To Be on The Guest List?

Do you want a private wedding, with only family and close friends in attendance or would you like a celebration where the guest list extends to colleagues, neighbours and even acquaintances of your parents and siblings? A private wedding is intimate, with only people who matter being present. There are more involvement and interaction, and it is much more fun.

You can cut down on the cost of hiring a large venue, decoration and catering etc., and spend the money on something worthwhile. However, if you choose to throw a reception, for the rest of the people, after the wedding, then that would negate the savings, and you may even end up spending more.

2. Where Do You Want To Wed?

Would you like a destination wedding or would you want the ceremony to take place on the lawns of a high-end club? It is essential to have a venue in mind, and then build your plans around it. Some venues specialise in hosting weddings and offer catering services, banquet chairs and tables and also provide accommodation on the premises so that outstation guests can be lodged.

A venue in the city, where you reside, is relatively more convenient, than an outstation location, as it is easier to coordinate with various vendors. Of course, you can always hire the services of a wedding planner, to do the groundwork for you, but that comes at an extra cost. You will still have to transport your guests and your wedding finery to the destination. Consider all factors before deciding on a venue.

3. Do You Have a Budget?

A wedding is a once in a lifetime affair, and it is easy to go overboard with the spending. However, it is better to plan the wedding around a budget. It is a sure way to prevent excessive expenditure. You can splurge on the necessities, such as food, invitations and decor etc., but with a budget, you will be careful with your spending. You will be able to negotiate prices and ask for package deals, so things fit within your budget.

4. Would You Like To Be Involved in The Planning?

Will you be coordinating and planning things, or will someone else be making the decisions? It is your wedding, so your opinions and wants should be paramount. Have a say, even if mom and dad are planning and paying for the wedding. While others can look after the logistics, you can finalise the decor, food and the music etc.

Know what you want—the type of flowers and colours, and the lighting. Create a theme for a perfect ambience. Look up Pinterest for ideas or get creative and design your own. Choose colour schemes that compliment your wedding attire, so the backdrop doesn’t clash with what you have on.

5. Will Your Wedding Be a Series of Events?

Most wedding celebrations go on for days, with mehndi, haldi, sangeet and pre-wedding cocktails scheduled as part of the festivities. What kind of weddings celebrations do you have in mind?

Pick a different menu for each event, even if the venue remains the same. You can also play around with decor and choice of music. Decide whether you want to dedicate a day to each function or pack two events in one day—haldi in the morning and mehndi in the evening or mehndi in the morning and sangeet in the evening.

6. Gifts for the TeamBride and TeamGroom?

Siblings, cousins and best friends play a unique role, from organising bachelorette and bachelor parties, to performing at the sangeet and being there through the pre-wedding preparations. Their efforts need to be appreciated and what better way to than giving them something to remember your wedding day by.

Get something unique and have your wedding date etched on it, but if that is not good enough then how about giving them an experience—a spa or an abhyanga experience or a belly dancing session or maybe a cockpit flying experience. There are numerous cool gifting ideas to choose from, so start looking for gifts.

7. Do You Have a Contingency Plan?

A contingency plan is a must; have a plan B ready for times when things don’t go as per plan. Torrential rains, flash floods, earthquakes, curfew and lockdown, occur suddenly, without warning. You can’t put your wedding on hold, especially on short notice. Having an alternative venue and plans can be a saving grace in such an event.

8. Have You Written Your Wedding Vows?

Saying your wedding vows is a Western practice; nonetheless, it’s relevant to Indian marriages as well. How beautiful it would be for the two of you to make extra special, meaningful promises, that come straight from the heart. You can include the wedding vows in the main ceremony, however, if customs and traditions don’t permit then do so at the reception before you cut the cake.

9. What About Creating Memories?

Remember to hire services of a good, reputed wedding photographer, someone who has an impressive portfolio. Wedding photographers in Trivandrum are among the best; you can turn to them for capturing candid moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life. The best wedding photographers don’t just click photographs; they document memorable moments and create something timeless. They are experienced and wield magic with the camera to capture every smile and every emotion. So get the best photographer.

10. Have You Thought of a Wedding Registry?

A novel concept prevalent in Western cultures; a wedding registry is a system where couples create a list of items that they would like as gifts. It is often linked to a website or a store, and wedding guests can choose to get the couple a present from the items on the list. It is the sensible thing to do, so you don’t end up receiving something you don’t want or like. Alternatively, if you share a good relationship with your family and friends, you can tell them what you would like as a wedding gift.

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