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Rick and Morty


Rick & Morty is an animated comedy series that showcases Rick’s interdimensional adventures, the brightest mind in the galaxy, and his grandson Morty. It is also popular on NetFlix.

With his weapon capable of creating portals to travel in space-time, Rick takes Morty to explore all the absurd life forms that the universe is capable of sustaining.

Although genius, Rick has alcoholism and has a conflictual relationship with his family, resulting from his cynical view of life and selfishness. On the other hand, Morty is far from having his grandfather’s intellect, but he is the only one capable of making him a little bit more gentle.

Amid hilarious moments and interesting reflections on life, Rick & Morty starts laughing and still yields excellent philosophical discussions.

Rick and Morty series is most loaded with scientific and philosophical concepts while being very funny. Because of this, many of the characters’ speeches become profound teachings at the same time that they are pearls of humor. Check below some of the best phrases ever said by the hilarious characters of this series.

Few shows mess with your audience’s head as much as Rick and Morty. There are so many adventures, scientific concepts, parallel universes, and WTF moments that viewers’ minds are frying for hours after watching a single episode. This blog has collected the most exciting theories made by fans of the drunk scientist’s journey and his insecure grandson.

1. Rick is Morty

Same Person

Let’s get this story out of the way soon, as it is the most popular and with the most variations. According to the theory, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith would not be a grandfather and grandson, but the same person, who Morty would grow old to become Rick and then, for some reason, would go back in time to live with himself.


In the episode The Rickpunhalada Ricksalvação (chapter 1 of season 3), we see Rick and Morty once again in the Citadel of the Ricks. At a certain point, very quickly, we can see in the background a Rick very similar to Morty, a perfect mix of the two characters. Many fans speculate that this character would be a younger Rick, the exact halfway between Morty and Rick.

Another aspect pointed out by the defenders of this theory is Morty’s psychological evolution throughout the series. With each new adventure, the boy becomes more cynical, disillusioned with life, confident, and accustomed to the dark side of life. That is, it has become more and more like Rick.

Some say that Beth’s mother, shown in Rick’s memories in the first episode of the third season, is reminiscent of Annie, the Parque das Bacterias character. According to this theory’s postulators, Morty would be romantically involved with Annie and have a daughter, Beth.

Ah! Another piece of evidence, which appears in episode 3 of the first season, is Rick’s line. He says he has also worn blue pants (like Morty’s) in history.


Many people think this theory is crazy. And they point out the difference between the smartness of the characters as the main weakness of the theory. In this case, many fans use Rick’s canteen theory as a counter-argument (more on that below).

The mistake in the hybrid argument between Morty and Rick is presented in the episode in which Rick transfers his mind to a clone of himself. We can see that the clone is nothing like Morty, and we can also see what Rick was like in other stages of life.

The biggest problem, however, is the use of time travel. The series never uses the time travel feature. Perhaps it is a way to remove Rick and Morty’s figures from their main inspirations: Marty McFly and the Doctor of Back to the Future. The series’ producers and directors have already announced that they do not intend to use time travel in future episodes.

Besides and all that, Rick can wear pants the color he wants!

2. Crossover with Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls

This concept defines the Gravity Falls, and Rick and Morty series share the same universe (or, at least, one of several existing universes). It is entirely based on Easter eggs present in Rick and Morty and products derived from Gravity Falls.

The fact that Justin Royland and Alex Hirsch (the creators of Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls, respectively) are great friends contributes a lot to this.


In episode 10 of Rick and Morty’s first season, we see the protagonists flee the Council of Ricks. At one point, the runaway Rick creates several portals for different dimensions and enters one of them. Then, from one of the portals that he does not enter, three objects come out: a pen, a notepad, and a mug with an interrogation pattern. The same objects can be swallowed by a portal in episode 7 of the second season of Gravity Falls.

Another easter egg appears in episode 7 of the second season of Rick and Morty. On one of the alien couples therapy computers, we see the figure of Bill Cypher, the main villain and biggest enemy in Gravity Falls.

The next piece of evidence is present in the official Gravity Falls book. At one point in the book, Stanford Pines, a scientist in the series, is told. He says that he has been traveling the multiverse looking for a way to defeat Bill Cypher, becoming an outlaw in the process for years. On the page where your wanted poster is located, an encrypted message that, when resolved, reads “Rick was here.” There is no character named Rick in Gravity Falls.

In episode 1 of Rick and Morty’s third season, we can also see Morty holding a Gravity Falls diary, one of the most important objects in this series. In the same scene, in the background, it is also possible to see two other Morty’s dressed as the main characters of Gravity Falls. Coincidence?! I think not!


This is one of the best-structured theories. The most that can be said against is based more on the two series’ creators than on the story or episodes. What can be said is that this is all little Easter eggs and a joke between two friends.

3. Are You Still in a Simulation

Simulation Within a Simulation

This hypothesis depends entirely on the scene Virtual Reality (T1: Ep4). In this scene, Rick and Jerry are stolen by outsiders and set in a recreation of the real world, expecting Rick to uncover the mystery of dim matter. Rick finds that he was being kept inside a few layers of reproductions inside reenactments during the scene’s occasions. The hypothesis says that notwithstanding what is appeared toward the finish of the scene, Rick would, in any case, be in a reenactment and that a PC would produce the whole arrangement from that point on.


The primary data gathered in the scene used to help the hypothesis is the garments that the characters wear. When Jerry leaves the primary reenactment for the second, the suit he is wearing doesn’t vanish. Nonetheless, when it goes to “this present reality,” the suit vanishes. Towards the start of the scene, Rick drops his garments at Morty’s school, and afterward appears with another set somewhere else, proposing that he got the reproduction. Notwithstanding, when he goes out into this present reality, Rick stays dressed, in contrast to Jerry. This is sufficient for some fans to theorize that both are as yet in a recreation.


One thing that proponents of this theory providentially overlook is Rick deceived the aliens bypassing the dark matter recipe. When the aliens gather all the ingredients, they inadvertently start an explosive reaction that destroys the entire ship. In other words, any simulation that was taking place would have been interrupted by the explosion of the ship’s computers.

4. Rick Knows Too Much

Know Too Much

With all his genius and depressive tendency, Rick’s mind is the subject of great speculation by fans of the series. In this case, this theory tries to justify all the nihilism that the character feels concerning the world around him. Rick would be like that because he discovered something terrible about his reality: he is a character in an animated TV series.


Rick is the only character to break the fourth wall in the series, speaking directly to the audience. Two clear examples of this are your announcement of the end of the first season and the first time you use your catchphrase “Wubba lubba dub.” In another episode, it is revealed that this sentence, which at first seems to be the only criticism of the use of catchphrases in sitcom-style humor series, means “I am in great pain, please help me” in an alien language.

When Rick makes the buttermilk robot, he asks what the straightforward answer constantly disillusions his motivation on the planet. Rick says, “Welcome to the club,” in compassion toward the robot in the arrangement. Both are discouraged concerning the inspiration of their reality.


None, truth be told. It might all be little jokes in a progression of humor. However, there isn’t anything that can repudiate this hypothesis (and nothing that demonstrates it).

5. Rick’s Canteen


Not exclusively does the substance of Rick’s brain cause devotees of the arrangement to create speculations. There is an additional hypothesis about the substance of the container that Rick drinks continually. The farthest and wide hypothesis among certain fans on the web is that it is a beverage produced using the seeds of supertrees, which show up in the arrangement’s pilot scene. As indicated by this hypothesis, Rick isn’t just about as keen as he professes to be and relies upon this beverage to be extraordinary.


In the first episode, we see the effects of the seeds of mega-trees: Morty is knowledgeable. Then side effects: drool and inactivity of all motor functions. Rick would have developed a drink that increases his intelligence and negates side effects (except for drool, which is always present in the corner of his mouth).

Image Source – NME

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