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Storing Winter Clothing

With the departure of winter and the arrival of warmth, the majority have the question of preparing and adequately storing winter: women’s jackets and other clothes. Conventionally, all things are divided into every day and seasonal. Everyday ones are used as needed, and there is no need to hide them somewhere. But winter outerwear for women requires attention. A little worry about organizing storage will allow you to meet the next winter season in excellent condition.

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First, you need to take care of the accessories you need to fold long down jackets and other clothes properly. Having everything you need, you can immediately pack things without wasting time moving them from place to place in case of missing accessories. Therefore, you need to have: vacuum bags, containers, covers, and boxes. To prevent winter clothing from losing its appearance, you need to adhere to the rules of proper storage. The main task is to protect a wardrobe item from moisture, possible pollution, sunlight, insects.

Women’s Outerwear: How to Prepare for Storage?

It is essential to take care of the cleanliness of the products. Since even the tiniest speck can ruin their appearance, the dirt will be tough to remove over time. Dirty products, especially those that smell like sweat, attract moths. Therefore, women’s outerwear should be washed and dried well before you send them on “summer vacation.” Wash strictly according to the recommendations indicated on the tag, or use dry cleaning services not to spoil the appearance.

The wardrobe is sorted. Things that do not fit in size may not come in handy next season. To save space, it is worth considering whether they are needed. In this case, a women’s down jacket can always be sold or presented to a friend, sister. It is essential to check the pockets to clear them of items. Repair your clothing if necessary.

To avoid damage to products by insects, you can put special products in the cabinet. Be careful as some of them may stain your clothes. We recommend using bags filled with natural herbs (lavender, mint, wormwood). Their smell will scare away insects.

Storing Winter Clothing From Different Materials

Depending on what materials the outerwear consists of, there are certain nuances for their storage:

Fur Clothing –

To avoid their deformation, the appearance of an unpleasant odor, and protection from pests, it is worth placing them in fabric covers and hanging them on hangers. Make sure that other things do not crush them, and they need enough space;

Short Down Jackets and Longer Options –

Before you put it in the closet, you need to wash it yourself or take the down jacket to a dry cleaner. You can store them in a vacuum bag by pumping air out of them with a vacuum cleaner. It can also be placed on hangers, packed in a case to avoid possible contamination, dust, etc.;

Woolen –

To avoid stretching, it is better to store it horizontally, in natural covers and containers with holes, folded is suitable;

Leather –

Placed on a hanger, providing an optimal distance from other objects for fresh airflow. All zippers and buttons must be closed to prevent pulling of the material.

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