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Fond of Wearing Perfumes

When it comes to wearing your favorite perfume, you need to know the related things. You do not just buy the perfume supplies because you like the smell, the presence of being at a place, and how it affects others. Further, if you are loyal to a particular brand, there is a pain to choose other brands, if any.

Here, we look closely at the things one should consider before buying a perfume. It is not a simple task to go to the store and purchase perfume supplies in the USA. Knowledge about aroma notes, different scents, and how the signature fragrances work is necessary.

Things to Consider Before Buying Perfume Supplies in USA

Remember these considerations before you wear perfume. It will be beneficial for you in the end. The money spent is worth it if you follow these considerations.

1. The Concentration of Perfume

Talking about the perfume oil concentration that is used for the fragrance is the main thing. It is how people decide how long a perfume lasts on the skin when applied. However, different brands make use of different concentrates as per their standards. These can be further divided asunder.


Known as the basic or pure perfume, it has the highest fragrance concentration used. People using a Perfume can ensure that the same lasts for 6 to 8 hours a day. Further, this category of perfumes is one of the costliest.

Eau De Parfum:

Most of the perfume brand companies offer this perfume category. It has a concentration less than the Parfum; however, it can last up to 5 to 6 hours in a day. They are best suited for wedding events, special occasions, etc.

Eau De Toilette:

Also known as the everyday wear perfume for people. It has the most common concentrate that lasts for 2 to 3 hours. Furthermore, it is one of the affordable ones.

Eau De Cologne:

This perfume is similar to the Eau De Toilette but can last for 2-3 hours only. It has less concentration on the fragrance.

Other perfumes can be categorized with the least fragrance concentrate. These can be body mists or aftershaves used for a short period, let us say few hours. Later, these can be reapplied or sprayed as per requirements.

2. The Fragrance Notes of a Perfume

The first thing is the concentration of the fragrance in a perfume. Secondly, you need to take care of the fragrance notes – The top, middle, and base notes. These notes mix to form a unique perfume fragrance.

For the person who wears the perfume, these notes ensure a different impression. The top note makes you smell the deep middle note fragrance. Meanwhile, the base note is how the scent appears on the skin. Different brands make use of the notes to create the evaporation time carefully.

Talking about the top note, it evaporates quickly as and when you spray the perfume. That is the initial impression that the person will buy a perfume. Meanwhile, the middle note lasts for an hour, and it forms the main body of the fragrance. Lastly, the base note appears when the middle note evaporates.

One should also know different fragrance notes. These can come from the lemon, orange fragrance along with floral tones. Others can originate from the spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, etc. At the same time, woody notes are most common among men, with a touch of musk in the middle note.

3. Making the Perfume Scent Last Longer

As we talked about different perfume categories, with how much they stay on your skin. Here, we look at the tips of how you can make the perfume fragrance last longer.

  • Before applying the perfume to your skin, make sure to apply petroleum jelly to the area. It will make the perfume stick to your skin for a longer time.
  • Just after you take a bath, spray the perfume on your body evenly. Your body will absorb the fragrance and ensure your skin stays warm.
  • You can make the scent reactive after a couple of hours by rubbing the scented area.
  • Pulse points such as wrists, navel, and collarbones are the best areas to apply perfumes. They last longer in these areas.


There you are. You know about the perfumes, the fragrance notes, and how to make the perfume last longer. It is time to know more about how you should store perfume. The recommendations are to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight. Furthermore, the shelf life of any perfume is around 3 to 4 years.

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