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6 Lifestyle Tips for Staying Healthy During COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected our daily routines in a manner no one expected. A lot of us are locked inside our homes to minimize exposure. Being at home and isolated can increase the temptation to munch on snacks high in sodium, fast food deliveries, and junk food that quickly gratifies our taste buds rather than nutritious whole foods that can be mouth-watering too. This is challenging for so many people during times of social distancing and self-isolation.

Before the pandemic hit the world, all of us are enjoying physical activities, and we go out to shop for groceries, vacation outings with our family and friends, and other stuff we usually do outside of our homes. With this unforeseen lifestyle shift, there is a huge possibility for the standardization of a more inactive lifestyle loaded with activities such as watching television all day, reading a book from the comfort of your couch for long periods, or working on your computer for 8 hours or even longer.

This is why it’s essential to keep ourselves and our family members healthy, especially during this time of the pandemic. It will help if you stay proactive and even creative on how you can keep an active lifestyle in the time of social-distancing. Although some of us may not be directly affected by the virus, here are some of the things we should do to remain healthy:

Reduce Physical Contact and Exposure

This is pretty obvious! If you’re not a front liner and you’re working from home, staying inside your home is better. However, if you need to go out to buy groceries and other necessities, you need to wear a good mask and obey social distancing guidelines. Once you get back home, wash your hands for 20 seconds, particularly after touching surfaces, and maintain your home clean and disinfected. That’s how you follow the first line of defense.

Don’t Be Inactive!

Don't Be Inactive!

Some gyms are still closed today, but there are safe alternatives to acquire physical activity without the need to violate preventive best practices suggested by the CDC such as social distancing and not going to place with large crowds. You may grab your gym equipment at home, do aerobics, or yoga! It would help if you also considered that avoiding large groups does not mean you also should avoid nature. Taking a short walk or jog outside in uncrowded areas outdoors is seen to be relatively safe. Easy exercises that can be done at home are push-ups, jumping-jacks, and sit-ups.

Observe Proper Diet and Nutrition

It’s normal for a lot of people who feel stressed, anxious, or bored to resort to food. This is why it’s essential to know the difference between real hunger from emotional hunger. So, if you notice yourself turning into an emotional eater, here are ways to fight that habit:

  • Have the willingness to break the cycle
  • Be more conscious if you are experiencing emotional hunger
  • Think of an activity that you can do instead of eating when you are not even hungry
  • After finishing that particular activity, reevaluate if you were starving

Observe Proper Diet and Nutrition

However, if it’s difficult for you to avoid emotional eating, we suggest that you buy healthy alternatives and create pre-portioned snacks ahead of time to motivate more watchful eating. It’s also great to store your snacks and sweets on a higher shelf or try to ignore them at all to not fall into temptation.

Get Enough Sleep

Having enough sleep is essential for our overall health. Even the National Institutes of Health (NIH), found out in the medical research that immune system activation changes sleep, and sleep consequently affects the innate and flexible arm of our body’s defense system. Although the amount of sleep necessary for excellent health and ideal performance usually depends on the individual, the CDC even suggests that people ages 18-60 years should obtain seven or more hours of sleep per night. Having enough sleep will highly reduce the chances of getting sick. So get the rest you need to help boost your immune system.

Eat Healthier

Since we are talking about boosting the immune system, one of the ideal ways to do it is by eating different colors of vegetables and fruits. A specific color can also give a particular vitamin, from Vitamin A to B9 to B12 to Vitamin C, and many more that help improves our immune system. Food is medicine too, and you need to remember that. With that, you need to supply your body with what it needs to create and fortify defenses against viruses and bacteria.



People can be very vulnerable to stress and anxiety during this time. You must take care of yourself. There are plenty of things you can do to promote overall wellness such as relaxation, meditation, spending quality time with family, and doing things that make you happy can help. Do positive activities and stay connected to your friends and loved ones if you are feeling down.

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