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Wedding Planning 2021

The Corona Pandemic has undoubtedly taken a toll on people coming together for the celebration. Nothing seems to be the same, and it feels as if things will be this way for a long time now. However, the new normal is taking its course, and people are finding ways to commemorate occasions while keeping the pandemic rules in mind.

Many reception halls in Houston are taking the rules seriously while giving its guests a great time enjoying. One such hall is Azul Reception Hall. With all its amenities and services, it also ensures complete safety for all.

However, if you plan for your wedding reception, you will also have to consider a few things.

The Budget

We all are having cash crunches due to the lockdown. So deciding the budget will not be that easy. However, many wedding venues in Houston offer pricing packages based on the services. All you have to do is look up their website on the internet, decide upon the package, and plan accordingly. You can also call them up and talk to them regarding the prices. Some venues also offer discounts. So do ask about them too. In case you don’t need all the services in their set package, go for custom ones.

The Guest List

You won’t be inviting many guests to your occasion certainly. Social distancing has further made people cautious about attending get-togethers. And since the guests’ list is directly proportional to the services you will need, make sure that you consider the number of guests carefully.

The Setting

The setting of the venue costs a lot too. So it is better not to opt for a popular location and outdoor venues. Instead, many reception halls in Houston offer excellent arrangements in terms of décor, entertainment, food, and security. All this makes opting for them a lot better in all ways. Just for your information, some can accommodate up to 350 guests.

Consider The Date and Time.

While the present scenario doesn’t call for this consideration, many people are looking for reception halls and party venues in Houston. So, if you want to book a venue, consider the date and time. Call the venue staff beforehand and check when they will be able to provide you the slot. As mentioned earlier, some venues offer discounts on weekends. So, this can be a great way to bring down your budget and have more of your already-less guests present at the reception.

Consider he décor

The less is the pomp-and-show, the better. Now is not the time for a grand wedding with lots of décor and lights. Moreover, you will mostly have your family and close ones at your reception. To these people, décor doesn’t matter that much. It’s all about you and your better-half. But still, some décor is necessary at a wedding. For this, many reception halls in Houston, like Azul reception Hall, offer décor elements like table linen, chair cover, floral arrangements, centerpieces, and dinnerware.

Consider The Entertainment

Do not go for DJs and dance floors. Instead, go for musical bands and Mariachi. People should sit and listen to music rather than dance to it, which violates social distancing. You can also have sound systems with mics. Some wedding venues in Houston also provide projector screens. You can relish pictures and videos of your journey of love. Just contact the venue staff and find out what all they can provide.

While it is unlikely for a wedding reception to occur this year, it is not altogether impossible. However, it is better to plan it in early 2021 at least. And keeping these six considerations in mind will help you celebrate your wedding while keeping the pandemic situation in mind. A wedding should be celebrated, and many reception halls in Houston will help you do it the way it should be done.

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