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Water Heater

Water heaters are undoubtedly a necessary addition to every household in San Diego. The main use comes around seasonally with winter and then in the next cycle. Since it is usually not in use throughout the year, there is a high chance the heater’s needs would be ignored or forgotten about. Scheduling regular maintenance of the water heater is necessary to increase productivity and efficiency.

The water heater maintenance is significant and yet a very underrated discussion sometimes. But in this article, we will discuss how regular scheduling maintenance of your water heater could increase its life, efficiency. We will also understand how to grasp the signs that your water heater needs maintenance checks by the plumber.

1. To Keep The Warranty Period Active

This is a very less known fact that you need to get annual maintenance of your water heater to keep the manufacturer’s warranty active. The warranty period is provided to you for getting the advantage of services if the appliance breaks down in the time window. But this counteracts if you haven’t got a maintenance check done annually. So make sure that you schedule maintenance checks for your water heater at the right times and get the benefit of the warranty provided by the manufacturers.

2. Improves The Energy-efficient

It is a no-brainer that with time, some sediments and minerals would get collected in the water heater, affecting the water heater’s efficiency. You might have noticed that some old water heaters and are not maintained take more time to get the water heated up. The amount of water is also less. These are due to the mineral buildup over the years. When a professional or plumber is called in for annual maintenance, they remove these minerals and other sediments, increasing the water heater’s overall efficiency. Only then could the appliance work at its absolute best and be energy efficient.

3. Detecting any Repairs Ahead of Time

This goes without saying that any of the appliances could run into a problem or issue at any given time. With scheduled maintenance checks, the plumber could detect any underlying issue. The detection of leaks or any of the problems is usually hard, and regular maintenance could pave the way for this process to become easier. The solutions to fix the problem could be immediately sought for even before the problem becomes detrimental. This will surely save time, effort, and costs associated with this. The anticipation of any future problems will be so easy without the worry of a full system breakdown.

4. Reduce The Expenses of Water

It is a known fact that when regular maintenance is done, there will be a reduction in their expenses. This is proportional to removing any buildup of sediments in the systems and improved efficiency with regular maintenance. As the plumber could have eliminated the buildup and sediments, the water heater’s efficiency is increased, and thus the water heater unit need not work real hard to get the water heated up. The overall water heater ownership costs would also reduce as the plumber might have already fixed any repairs or small problems in the unit beforehand.

5. Increase The Longevity of The Appliance

This goes without saying that proper maintenance enables the water heater to stay up to 20 years or more, depending on the system installed. The annual maintenance will help get the system ready for every year while removing any sediment buildup and increasing the appliance’s efficiency. Obviously, without scheduled maintenance, the water heater will get inefficient and eventually give up, leading to a replacement or continuous repairs. Premature breakdown of the systems is highly possible without proper maintenance checks.

So these are the different reasons why regular maintenance of water heater is necessary to increase its overall efficiency. Now we will discuss how often one should get the maintenance and the signs that your water heater requires maintenance checks.

How often one should get the water heater’s maintenance done is the question to ponder here. Several factors affect this decision. How long has it been since it was installed? Is there any problem with the efficiency you notice, any sediment buildup? If any of these questions is a yes, you would end a plumber’s maintenance run on the water heater. Usually, annual maintenance is enough for the optimal functioning of the water heater.

What Are The Signs That You Need Water Heater Maintenance?

1. Presence of Leaks

If you suspect leaks in your water heater, it is a direct sign of a need for maintenance checks. Sometimes you might be noticing drops of water dripping on the heater, creating a puddle. These are all obvious signs of something not working right inside the water heater. It is also important to understand that not all sorts of leaks are this obvious. So it is better to look out for any signs every once in a while to be sure of the leaks. In general, you should make it a habit to check for leaks around your water heater at least once a month. Look for drips, a damp carpet, or even a musty smell surrounding the heater.

2. Low Water Pressure

If the water pressure is reduced, it could be a sign of water heater maintenance. There might be a mineral build up in the heater’s bottom and some other sediments, which are making the pressure coming through the pipe very low. This could also be a result of some faulty installation. Keep a lookout for this reason and call in the plumber for checking in.

3. Clicking Sounds

If some random sounds are coming from your water heater, it needs checks. It could be anything from clicking, clanging, or popping sounds which are usually continuous and audible. The sounds are usually considered a more serious issue that needs the plumber’s immediate attention. The water heater might be overheating as more than one clog in the system. This overcompensating could bring in more bills and utility checks your way and lead to fatal accidents like burns from the heater.

4. Rusty Water

Another sign for you to look out for is any rusty residues in the water coming to form the water heater. This could be a clear sign of the maintenance requirement of your water heater. It indicates maintenance needs if you have been getting brown, rusty, and almost dirty looking water after the heater is on. This shows that the pipes have started to rust and have affected the quality of water. There are chances of fixing this issue all by yourself in some cases. This could be done by draining out the water from your heater and seeing if it’s the pipes or the heater. The best and safest way to achieve this is to call for professional help when in doubt. They are trained for situations like this, and you could avoid any mishaps.

These are the different signs you could look for and schedule annual maintenance. The water heater needs to be maintained for many reasons explained above, which could save you a tonne of your time, energy, and effort. Be sure to hire an experienced team of plumbers to do so so that the service you get is exemplary.

The water heater’s maintenance makes it energy efficient and helps in the optimal functioning of this, so make sure that you never skip the checks. The ignorance could lead to some very hefty repairs later on and replacement which could have been avoided at all costs. If you want water heater repair in Los Angeles, look them up and hire them for your regular maintenance checks.

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