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Benefits of Embedding an Instagram Widget

Looking at the current digital era, Social media has gradually become a major source of entertainment for the masses and is being leveraged by almost all age groups. Among all the social media platforms, Instagram is the most popular and is being used by over 500 million daily active users. Brands are also eventually making a digital presence and utilizing social media as a source to connect with their existing and potential customers. A new trend that is doing the rounds is embedding the Instagram widgets on the website, and brands are highly making use of this trend to upscale their businesses to the maximum.

However, many people are not yet aware of the Instagram widget trend, and it is unknown how significantly it can maximize their profits. Keep reading the blog to the end to get an insight into how you can benefit from embedding an Instagram feed on your website.

How Will My Brand Benefit From Embedding Instagram Feed On The Website?

Instagram is a platform that provides incredible opportunities to the brands to upscale their businesses and to increase their brand visibility and brand presence by maximizing their reach.

Listed below are the key benefits: Displaying an Instagram widget can be a game-changer for your brand/business.

Improve The Overall Look of The Website

While mostly the websites are created using specific templates, it can be quite boring and monotonous for the visitors. Embed Instagram Widget and make your website look more attractive and appealing, and it can significantly increase the stay time of your visitors.

Improvised Engagement of The Users

Since your website will be more catchy and attractive to look at, it will increase your visitors’ dwell time and give them the zest to explore your website more.

For brands, Instagram feed mostly consists of the content generated by their users termed as User-generated content. You can embed an Instagram widget showing UGC in the form of images, reviews, videos, and GIFs, further increasing user engagement.

Overall Amazing Experience For Visitors

Visitors and net surfers are always keen to see something unique and new. This can be done once your embed the Instagram widget on your website.

Users have stayed longer on your website and explored your products and services more states that they have enjoyed being on your website and may soon make a purchase.

Upscale Your Conversions & Sales

When you embed the Instagram widget into your website, you attract more traffic to your website than usual and host many users.

While some users may be selective and difficult to impress, a few may get attracted to your products or services and may be compelled to make a purchase giving rise to your overall conversions and sales.

Much More Brand Visibility and Presence

Embed an Instagram widget to massively improve your brand presence and visibility. When more people visit your site and see your Instagram feeds, they will feel the need to go through your business account on Instagram.

Word Mouth marketing is another effective way to increase your brand presence, and your loyal customers would do it for you. Therefore, drastically increasing your brand awareness and fetching more views about your brand through your potential customers, hence giving a rise in brand presence.

Instill Trust Within Your Customers

As mentioned above, User-Generated Content is the most authentic and genuine form of content that your customers create. It is a known fact that one customer always trusts other customers more than the branded content displayed by the brand.

Embed an Instagram widget displaying UGC to instill much more faith and trust in your customers, and they will surely be ready to purchase your brand.

Display a Social Proof of Your Brand

Since UGC is proof of what your customers think about your brand and what they experienced with your brand, embed an Instagram widget showcasing your User’s content will build a solid social proof about your brand.

Apart from instilling more faith in your brand, your users will be much more confident about the quality of products that your brand presents and will make purchases with an open mind instead of being apprehensive about your brand.

Over To You

By now, you must have understood the significance of embedding the Instagram widget on your website and how amazing it can transform your business and climb the ladder of success!

Suppose you are a brand and have not leveraged the trend of embed Instagram widgets on your website. In that case, you surely are missing out on a golden opportunity to maximize your profits and drastically increase your conversions and sales.

This process is not at all technical, and all you require is a highly responsive Instagram aggregator to effectively collect, curate, and embed the Instagram widget into your website. You are all set to skyrocket your sales!

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