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Clubhouse Clone

After making waves from March 2020 with its impressive iOS-based invitation-only social media app, Clubhouse came out with its Android app this month. It quickly got more than 100,000 downloads from interested users. Alpha Exploration Co., which controls and owns Clubhouse, will launch it in the vast Indian, Nigerian, and South Koren markets this week.

One of the biggest success stories of Clubhouse is that the big tech companies like Discord, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, Spotify, Telegram, and Twitter have faced a significant exodus of users who have migrated to the audio-based chat app. Hence, they have been forced to introduce new options like voice calling and chatting to survive in the market.

The clubhouse has rapidly expanded its operations by launching its audio-based social media app in Brazil, Japan, and Russia. It plans to be available worldwide by the end of May 23, 2021. In addition, the Android app of Clubhouse will help it attract 72% of the global users, which is significantly greater than the 27% of people who use iOS.

Some Must-know Statistics About The Clubhouse Phenomenon are:

  • It got more than 900,000 downloads – In April 2021, according to data provided by Sensor Tower, a mobile app marketing company.
  • The clubhouse has an impressive 90,000 downloads – for its iOS app in India.
  • The two biggest markets for the popular audio chat app are – the USA (3.7 million downloads) and Japan (1.9 million).
  • The clubhouse has received more than 14.8 million downloads – after its launch 14 months ago as per App Annie, a data analytics company.
  • It got a whopping 224,000 downloads – from May 1 to May 12 this year.
  • The clubhouse is worth more than $4 billion – after receiving investments from various venture capitalists.
  • The iOS app of Clubhouse is available – in more than 154 countries.

Entrepreneurs aiming to dominate the audio-based communication industry can establish a fantastic app like Clubhouse in partnership with a competent app development company. Well-versed developers create state-of-the-art Android and iOS apps for users, hosts, and moderators. An admin dashboard will also be made for controlling the day-to-day business operations efficiently.

What are Some of The Newest Features in The Readily Deployable Clubhouse App Clone?

A Detailed List of Payment Receipts

The content creators and hosts of Clubs and Rooms can access an extensive list of all the users who have paid them for listening to the audio chat. This ensures a high level of transparency in fund management.

A Search and Find an Option

An app like Clubhouse can be utilized to find any Room member for the last 10 days. Therefore, the users can avoid missing out on any essential audio conversations with this attractive feature.

A Tag Mechanism

The users of the Clubhouse app clone can tag people in their profile to become more popular and get a large number of followers quickly.

What Can Premium Features Be Added To An App Like Clubhouse By a Skilled App Development Company?

Follow Topics

The users can be up-to-date with the latest discussions of different topics like Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Finance, Fitness, Politics, Sports, Startups, and Technology. In addition, they will be allowed to follow various Clubs and Rooms to access all information at their fingertips.

Sync Social Media Accounts

The Clubhouse clone app allows the sign-up of users after they enter their email addresses and phone number. However, quick registration can be facilitated by permitting new users to register by linking their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. This will help the entrepreneur to boost the total number of downloads.

In-app Translation of Content

Users who are part of numerous Clubs and Rooms can struggle to understand some information if it is not in their first or second language. A talented app development company can integrate Google Translate and Translate by Apple for ensuring quick conversion of texts into their preferred languages.

Flexible Changing of User Names

The user can make his/her name on the Clubhouse clone look catchy and stylish by changing it anytime.

Payment Gateways for Content Creators

The content creators can get quick payments for their work through numerous online gateways like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, and other leading credit and debit cards.

Wrapping Up

The Clubhouse audio-based platform has brought more creativity to social media and empowered content developers to make more money. Moreover, it has focused more on audio chatting as a good source of entertainment than multimedia content. Hence, ambitious entrepreneurs can become the talk of the town by teaming up with a well-equipped app development company in the market for captivating Clubhouse clone app development.

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