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Facebook Marketing Using Facebook Groups

Facebook is an excellent application for laypeople to socialise with their friends and family, but Facebook is a treasure chest for marketing experts. In recent years, marketers have unlocked great potential for marketing on Facebook. Since it is a social media platform, the audience on this platform is immense, and several features can play a vital role in marketing strategies. One such feature is Facebook groups. Many marketers are now gravitated towards using Facebook to carry out their marketing strategies. As a student, you may not understand how this works, which is why we have asked our experts to help us out. Our online dissertation help experts can teach you just how marketers have been using Facebook groups to benefit.

Facebook is the wealthiest market place for brands to exist on. It reaches a large audience and is very interactive. No matter how big or small your brand is, you can always use Facebook to market your products or services. It is now becoming a necessity for brands to be on social media applications such as Facebook. Your customers must be able to look you up and see what you’re up to at any given moment. You can update any discounts, offers, or changes on your social media, and all your audience will be able to come to terms with it. Besides having your independent page on Facebook, you can hit up different groups and showcase your brand there. The question, however, is, how?

There are multiple ways you can use Facebook group for marketing. Let’s explore all of them:

Create a Branded Group

You may have a Facebook page to your name, but a Facebook group is even better! Create a branded group where you can quickly post all the details of your brand. This can work as a small community for all the people that are associated with your brand. Here you can communicate closely with all your customers, get their feedback, and resolve any issues they face. This branded group can even help you plan upcoming strategies. If you are waiting to introduce a new product or service, you can use the group to get a poll as to what your customers are expecting from you. You can even ask them to decide which of the two options would they like to see first. This way, there will be high engagement with your customers, and they will feel included in the plans you make. In addition to all these product-related activities, you can also create engaging content that is not directly linked with your product or brand. You can post memes, motivational posts, and a lot more. The main motive is to create engagement. Your branded group will help you build an image in the eyes of the public, and it depends on you as to what kind of image you want to portray.

Now there are two ways you can create a group. It can either be closed or open to all. If it is a closed group, only the people you permit can be a part of it. They would have to send you a request, maybe even answer some questions when sending the joining request. Your employees would have to review the request and see if the person fits your audience demographic before accepting.

On the other hand, if you leave your group open, anyone who wants to join can join it. This may not be an excellent idea as there are many trolls out there with fake Facebook profiles. If they infiltrate your group, they may spread obscene content. Therefore, it is a better idea to create a closed group so that you can easily monitor the kind of people you would like to be a part of your group.

Use This Platform for Customer Service

Providing customer service can be difficult as there many things that go wrong in the chain. Most customers do not even complain about the product because they feel like it is too much work or will take up a lot of their time. If you decide to use Facebook groups to address customer complaints, you will make things a lot easier for you and your customers. Communicating on Facebook is a lot easier than receiving emails.

You can either individual address queries, or a better way to go about this is by generating content that addresses different issues holistically. For example, you can put up a video that talks in detail about how your product can be used. This will help existing customers, but prospective customers will also be interested in knowing more about your product. Moreover, since you have employees working for your page, you can address issues in a much better way. Your employees will be able to correspond and respond to customer queries in a much professional way. Since all of this interaction is done on a public platform, other customers can also benefit from the answers you give. They might have the same questions or problems.

Customer Involvement

Previously, companies had to spend a lot of money researching what customers are looking for in a product or what features are needed. This can now be easily done using a Facebook group. You can pose a question on your Facebook group asking for your customers’ feedback on any ideas you want to introduce. This will help you not only engage with the public, but you will also be able to give your customer just what they want.

You can even ask others to review your services. Reviews are very important for a brand, and people would rather trust other people than the brand itself. Whoever has ordered your services, ask them to leave you a review. When other people see this review, they will be able to gauge whether your services are worth spending on or not.


This may not seem like that significant of a marketing tactic, but it increases engagement tremendously. No one hates getting stuff for free. You can host a giveaway on your Facebook group. To participate in the giveaway, you can ask your audience to recommend your page to five other people in exchange for an opportunity to win the giveaway. It is a great tactic to increase your audience. People will also engage with your group, and your brand will gain immense popularity. Hosting giveaways now and then can up your marketing game and bring you more and more business.

These are some of the main ways you can use Facebook groups to facilitate your marketing strategy. If you are a marketing student and are still unprepared for your marketing exam, it is best to get expert help. You can go to a reliable company and say do my online exam this way, and you will be able to get the best expert to assist you with your online exam. Hopefully, the information shared in this text was able to help you with your dissertation or online exams. Good luck! We wish you the very best for your academic future.

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