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Get Started on Instagram

How To Start?

The new, undeveloped Instagram account is practically non-existent for other users. To fully use its potential, it is worth familiarizing yourself with a few simple rules.

Tagging, tagging, and tagging again! Hashtags are single words or multi-word expressions without spaces preceded by #. This is the primary tool for reaching a broad audience with our posts. Before preparing each post, it is worth analyzing what hashtags are famous for our industry or our products. Instagram allows us to use a maximum of hashtags. You might think this is irrelevant, but unfortunately, it’s a mistake. Crossing this limit will result in our post being published without any tag. So what is the most optimal number of hashtags? 10 to 15 hashtags. Users create tags. If we manage to create a popular tag, Buy Instagram Followers UK can be sure that thousands of users will use it.

Interaction is Essential

Instagram, like other social networking sites, is used to engage in dialogue with other participants. Publishing content is not enough (at least initially). Interaction is also necessary. On Instagram, we can interact with others by following other profiles, liking (cheering) other people’s publications, commenting and replying to comments, and sending messages. Our main goal is to reach potential customers and establish a permanent relationship with them. The hashtags mentioned above are a good start in building relationships with customers. However, you should not just limit yourself to them.

Instagram + Video

In addition to photos, you can also publish short (not longer than 15 seconds) video materials on our website. The application allows us to process videos easily and apply filters. Research shows that over 60% of brands on Instagram have shared at least one video. Videos are an excellent way to make our “static” profile more attractive.

Not Only Products

Profiles that only provide marketing content are rapidly losing popularity. A permanent relationship will allow us to build a variety of content that stimulates the feelings of users. Make you laugh, move you, make you think. Behind each brand or company, there are some emotions. It is worth identifying and using them in our communication. Thanks to this, the other user will see that you are not only a brand, but you also try to establish contact with them, maybe through questions, e.g., promoting some clothes against the background of the landscape, add a query in the description, where your followers were last away and with whom. Let them reminisce, and your profile will not be associated only with advertising, and they will feel a certain bond with you.

A firm “no” To Buying Fans.

As with other social networking sites on Instagram, there is a practice of selling/buying fans. Why is it not worth using? This “feature” may hurt our posts’ visibility in the future (similar to Facebook). Fake accounts are also systematically deleted by Instagram, so it’s better to spend your time and budget building a community around our brand yourself.

Award-winning Commitment

Our fans, especially the dedicated ones, are a precious resource. Most of them (over 65%) follow brands on Instagram because they want to be rewarded. If your budget allows it, reward the most committed fans with promotional codes, organize competitions or interact with them. A loyal fan on Instagram is likely to become our client.

Useful Tools

For An ordinary user, the application itself on a smartphone or tablet is enough to take photos, edit and publish content on Instagram. However, when using it for marketing communication, it is worth using several tools.


Available both as a web and Canva application, it allows you to create engaging content based on ready-made templates or using your graphics. What can it be useful for? To make documents such as headlines, presentations, and various event programs, invitations, flyers, or even mini-cartridges for the YouTube channel, if you connect your Instagram account with that platform. It’s worth having it at hand!


Probably many of you are now asking what it is? Or maybe some have already encountered this application? HUJI is a program that allows us to take pictures from the 90s. How is this possible? The photo we take has high contrast, a saturation of colors, and the application itself adds various x-rays or reflections of lights, giving a fantastic result.

Interestingly, even when taking a photo, you can bring your eye closer to the screen. Otherwise, the screen will not enlarge (unless we change it in the application settings at our request). Another plus of the application? If you don’t like to edit photos yourself, the HUJI app will surely help you because it will add different light and contrast streaks by itself, and it’s entirely free of charge.


If you like to edit photos in VSCOcam, you will also like this program. It mainly consists of editing photos and applying various filters. It is also worth mentioning that Snapseed was awarded the title of iPad App Of The Year 2011. It does not require a special course to find your way around the functions quickly, and you do not have to waste time editing a photo for a long time. It is easily accessible and undoubtedly impressive.

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