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Android 11

The overall mobile market is growing rapidly, with no signs of slowing down shortly. It has changed the way people communicate, browse businesses online, or make a purchase. Unlike the past days, these small-screen devices have come so far with the power of AI and 5G networks. Moreover, mobile platforms like iOS and Android 11 are taking this technology to whole new heights where anything is possible.

Nowadays, multiple Android app development services providers are earning great with the increasing dominance of this mobile platform. With a great diversity (device and OS), Android is leading the whole mobile marketplace. There are around 2.6 million apps listed on the Google play store that contributes to around 76.67 percent of the app market share.

Here, I will discuss the best features of Android 11 that are already setting the mobile world on fire and aim to rule the mobile technology in 2021 as well. This is Android’s 18th version of Android OS (operating system) that was last released on September 8. Undoubtedly, every software version upgrade comes with a lot of benefits and advantages.

So, What Have You Got With The Android 11 Release?

Let us have a look at those below!

More Privacy and Security

The increased horizon of the digital industry call for a great deal of data security. There has been a great concern amongst the users regarding sharing their personal or financial information with the apps. Therefore, privacy and security are critical elements.

With Android 11, the users can get the advantage of the security and privacy fixes even before the full operating system updates. They can fetch the fixes from Google Play System updates and enjoy the benefits. Additionally, the users can restrict the location data sharing when they are not using the apps. This way, they can also block the reminders or updates from the apps.

Smart and Beneficial

With Android 10, users can enjoy the benefits of a smart reply. It means, whenever a person sends the user a message with an address, users can open and navigate the location in Google Maps without even copy and paste. Similarly, if someone sends you a YouTube video, you can directly open the video on YouTube (without copy & paste).

Another exploration with Android 10 is similar to the iOS 14 update, i.e., the dark theme, where the users can transform the whole device experience in a dark mode. This way, the users can make device usage easy on their eyes and battery too.

Additively, the live caption option is also available with Android 10, from where audio and podcast messages, caption videos, etc., can be done automatically.

Easy Access to Google Assistant

Voice technology is overpowering the traditional modes of utilizing digital technology. Just like Siri in iOS, Google Assistant can be called on need in Android devices. And Android 10 makes it far easier than before, where the users had to say ‘Hey Google’ to call it for help. Now, they can trigger Google Assistant by simply dragging the finger diagonally from either corner on the bottom screen.

In addition to all these benefits mentioned above, there are numerous more to explore in the upcoming Android 12. The beta version of Android 12 has already rolled out. However, this is just for testing purposes, and soon, we will see the full version of android 12.

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