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Android Apps to Make Life Better

If you like Android phones, there are some essential apps that you need to download to watch movies, sync files, track your sleep patterns, and much more. Unfortunately, while everyone has different priorities, many don’t make the most of these apps and consider installing them a waste of time. Could you not do it? If you are an Android user, Google Play Store has many useful apps. Whether you want to automate your home, transfer data, take notes, track workouts, or make mobile payments, Samsung and other phone brand developers have all your daily needs. Fortunately, the following apps are very helpful.


Dropbox offers cloud storage, personal cloud, file synchronization, and client software and is the best file sync app to and from mobile devices so far. With Dropbox, you can securely back up your photos and videos to the cloud. The app will also help you take notes that will sync with your laptop and keep this important PDF file package with you. The app works on the internet, iOS, Windows, macOS, and of course, Android. With Dropbox, you have less access to your important files.

Real Hubs

This app identifies unknown numbers and callers as well as those known to be spam. If you receive a call or message from an unknown number and the company has the information for that number, it will be displayed when a call comes in. All caller id apps access your contacts to identify numbers. When your phone rings, the app will display the caller’s name if they are registered in the app. Of course, a real caller has a privacy waiver and cannot identify every number. So far, every Android user has had to help them determine which number they previously reported as spam or not. Additionally, all spam calls are highlighted in red with the number of people who reported them. Isn’t it easy to avoid calls from your bank or insurance company?

Google Assistant

Add comfort to your life. Developed by Google, Google Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based virtual assistant available 24/7 on our mobile devices and smart home. There is no doubt that AI assistants have made our lives easier. Siri is a popular artificial intelligence for Apple, and Cortana for Windows and Android includes Google Assistant. Unlike the previous company, Google Now (AI), the Google Assistant is more powerful and can conduct two-way conversations intelligently. It can also interact with other applications installed on your mobile device and provide a higher intelligence level. You can also find pictures on your phone using the image recognition feature that works with a command like “Show pictures of my cat.” To use Google Assistant, ensure that the Google Play services software on your phone is updated.

Choose Your Seeds

There are many photo editing apps available for Android users, but Snap Seed is love. Nik Software Development was the first to introduce this app. It’s owned by Google now. It works better on iOS and Android phones, and it allows users to enhance their beautiful photos and apply digital filters. You have access to all image enhancement tools so you can adjust colors to remove objects. Although Snap Seeds has plenty of features, the tools are easy to use. Amazing? After editing, you can easily export and share results. Like many great apps, it is free. Samsung Health – Monitor your health and fitness Are you following a healthy lifestyle? Then Samsung Health is the best app for you. It helps you track your heart rate, run, bike track, and water usage, which you don’t care about most of the time. With the built-in sensor, you can connect your Galaxy Watch, blood glucose meters, bike speed sensors, and blood pressure monitors to Samsung Health, formerly known as S Health. The best thing about this app is that it integrates easily with other health apps.

Close it

Protect Your Privacy Lock is an app loved by all Samsung users. You can lock Samsung phone settings and required apps at the same time. You can also go to your phone’s gallery to hide all your private photos and videos. If you want to protect something in Gallery, lock the Gallery app.

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