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BigCommerce SEO in 2021

If you haven’t started seriously addressing your SEO, now is the time you need to start. eCommerce gets more competitive every day, and Google continues to change its algorithms, so only the very best websites make it on page one. Even if you have amazing products, your lack of SEO could be holding your store back from being truly successful.

Below are 4 key reasons you should prioritize your BigCommerce SEO as we head into 2021 and why doing so could positively impact your business as a whole.

Get Discovered in Search Engines

This is what it’s all about. Higher search rankings mean more traffic to your BigCommerce store and more potential for sales. If you have had trouble ranking well in the SERPs, you need to start thinking about your SEO.

It’s not the traffic alone that is beneficial here. It’s that “discoverability” factor that makes search engine optimization so potentially appealing. The better you rank, the more likely someone is to see your brand. Even if they don’t immediately decide to purchase with you, the fact that your brand name or website appears near the top of the page could get them to click or at the very least plant the seed of recognition you need to make a sale sometime down the line.

The ability to get found in search engines is perhaps the most beneficial aspect of SEO. If you want more eyes on your BigCommerce website, this is the route you want to take.

Brand Authority

Another main benefit of running a professional SEO campaign is the increase in brand authority. More chances to appear in the search results, more eyes on your business, higher rankings – it all equals more authority. It’s this level of authority that can help strengthen your business and bolster your reputation online. If you have been solely trying to build your brand with social media, you will want to seriously think about how a BigCommerce SEO campaign could make a difference for you.

User-Centric Store

An adequately managed SEO plan will help make your store more user-friendly. Even the addition of an informative blog and enhanced category descriptions could go a long way toward making your website stand out for your users and guide them toward making a purchase. User-centric design is the current trend, as this is what Google wants to see and what users expect.

Future-Proofing Your Business

SEO works in the long term to future-proof your business. Suppose you implement SEO best practices on your website. In that case, you stand a great chance of weathering the different eCommerce fluctuations that occur now and then, such as changes in the Google algorithm, buying trends, and so on. As long as you have authority in the search engines and have done good work toward creating a user-friendly website, you stand a great chance of outlasting your competitors and succeeding.

If you are interested in finally investing in your BigCommerce SEO, you need an Agency like 1Digital® leading the charge. They are a BigCommerce Elite agency partner that specializes in digital marketing services for eCommerce stores. They excel at providing real solutions for store owners that want to get found in Google, get more traffic and sales, and ultimately reach their business goals.

Now is the time to seriously invest in your SEO if you want to make inroads toward being a standout business come this time next year. The time and money you put into your SEO now will pay off massively down the road, but the sooner you act, the better. Get in touch with 1Digital® today.

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