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Customer Feedback Management Software You Wish You Would Know

Looking for the best customer feedback management software to learn about your customers’ concerns and issues?

Without a doubt, if everyone cared about comments, the world would be a lot better place. Customers make up the lion’s share of our world as entrepreneurs.

Customer input is thus crucial right now. Therefore, we’ll talk about customer feedback in this article and its importance, and check out some of the top customer feedback software.

Customer feedback gathering is crucial. The method you choose to get consumer feedback is also crucial. For this reason, we have assembled the top tools for collecting client feedback to provide you with the precise information you want.

Importance of Customer Feedback Management Software

Since consumers are the ones who bring in revenue, having a customer-centric approach is directly correlated with business success. All companies need client feedback since it reveals consumer satisfaction levels and may help spot areas for product development. This is essential for SaaS companies because they can quickly transfer client feedback into product development. Let’s check out why customer feedback software is important-

  • Gathering feedback on the goods, services, customer happiness, and experience helps identify the areas that need improvement.
  • Improves turnover rates, helps in business forecasting and allows for the implementation of preventative actions.
  • Positive customer reviews or testimonials could be used as references.
  • Strategic planning and high-level planning may both benefit from customer insights.

Top 5 Best Customer Feedback Management Software

Software designed to help you develop and distribute customer feedback surveys automatically and collect feedback in real time is known as a customer feedback tool. These ideas may then be examined, and you can take appropriate action on your product development.

The following information will undoubtedly be helpful to you if you are looking for the best customer feedback management tool for your company.


Korrect is among the best user feedback management software, which helps in collecting consumer feedback from different channels in a single place. Korrect helps you prioritize the needs of the consumer and helps in building what users want.

It is a tool used to get user feedback where people may rate your product or vote for features they would like to see. It is the proper technique to get customer input and enhance your offering.

Korrect enables you to prioritize and get rid of user-experience issues with features. You may spend less time responding to feature requests by being open with your users about the work you’re doing. Korrect, the greatest platform for providing feedback, helps hundreds of product developers and saves them time and effort.

How Does Korrect works?

Korrect works on the fundamental of 4 different steps. Here are the 4 steps procedure.

  • Collecting feedback
  • Analyze feedback
  • Prioritise and roadmap
  • Announcement of the updates based on the collection of the data

Features of Korrect

  • Feature Request Tracking
  • Bug Tracking
  • Release notes tools
  • Idea Management
  • Public Product Roadmap
  • Feature Upvoting Tool

Moreover, Korrect easily integrates with some of the most trendy software such as slack, Zapier, salesforce, GitHub, ClickUp, Jira, and many more without any bustle, which makes it undoubtedly the best customer feedback management Software.

User Report

User report is another customer feedback collection tool. The survey widget and the feedback widget are the two primary components of UserReport. The platform functions as an integral element of your website or mobile app and enables direct user interaction, real-time website visitor insight collection, and customer perception research.

Customer Sure

A customer feedback management software and follow-up tool called CustomerSure strives to bring companies and their target clients together. The cherry on top is that it enables businesses to automatically collect and answer client feedback.

CustomerSure ensures that the best customer experience is provided every time by providing real-time, actionable feedback, which aids in the company’s growth. The finest feature of this customer feedback app is how it puts equal emphasis on gauging satisfaction and making it simple for you to make improvements.

But first, a word of caution. The cost of this customer feedback software is on the upper end.

In Moment

Customer feedback, outreach, analytics, and staff involvement are all covered in depth by InMoment. The fact that this application supports several locations and provides very detailed data is, however, its strongest feature. One of the few user feedback tools, InMoment, actively encourages users to post online evaluations.

Customer feedback is gathered by InMoment using video, audio, text, and active listening. Solutions are made specifically for each company since InMoment is geared toward bigger businesses.


Podium, a cloud-based consumer feedback collection tool, efficiently compiles online evaluations from several websites into a single dashboard. Uniquely, the gadget keeps track of and gathers internet reviews.

Podium enables companies to be proactive in requesting internet reviews, which may lead to increased sales. Additionally, small companies find it incredibly simple to manage their whole internet reputation from one location thanks to the aggregate dashboard. The technology is effective in gathering all evaluations, comments, and conversations in one location.

So now you are aware! Which of these 5 customer feedback management tools do you believe is the best match for your company? Which one is the most customizable, has all the features you require, and has the appropriate tone and voice so that your customers wouldn’t mind providing feedback? According to us, the one which would make most of the difference out of everyone is the Korrect. It has everything which makes it different from other popular feedback management software. Being a product manager, if you are stuck with feedback management software to choose from, we would suggest you go with Korrect without any second thought.

No matter which tool you choose, don’t forget to shut the feedback loop. Do not forget that the value of consumer feedback depends on how you use it.

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