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eCommerce Web Design Trends Forecast

The eCommerce business has changed faster, and 2021 is no different. It is seen more and more retailers are experimenting and improvising their online business. They are doing this to target their potential shoppers. Hence, an engaging eCommerce web design company can do the right magic.

The first-ever product that was ordered was a book. The leading giant, Amazon, sold it. Even after almost 20 years, the eCommerce business developed sales of around USD 2 trillion worldwide.

Web design plays a huge role in an eCommerce business. It will create the first impression of you and your brand. An excellent web design will assist one to improvise the sales number.

How? Let’s delve into this blog to find out

Aspects of Web Design

According to SAG IPL, 48% of users claimed that website design helps them identify the brand’s credibility.

Aspects of Web Design
Source: Finance Online

Content plays a huge role in the website. Adobe shares 95% of the data shared with the users. The content must be crisp, clear, informative, and catchy. Hence, you must pay special attention to shape the written content.

According to SAG IPL, the web pages that slowly load have more bouncing rates. Really? Check the graph below.

trends forecast

Source: SAG IPL

The other factors that play a huge role in web design are data security and easy navigation.

Hence, you must make sure that you focus on the above-mentioned pointers. It will make your eCommerce website target potential shoppers at the right time. Make sure you focus on these features while targeting the latest eCommerce design trends in 2021. You must always develop the design in an accessible and inclusive way.

eCommerce Web Design Trends in 2021

White Space

Modern users love everything minimalistic. It will create a purposeful tide, just like print magazines.

White spaces will allow the user to navigate through your age easily. It will help them to flow from one element to another. It will develop a visual hierarchy. This will not distract your users from the main elements of your page.

It will provide breathing room to the user. This will certainly aid the apprehension. And will define the relationship with every element of the page.

For example, if you leave a little white space for the elements. You may end up giving the wrong perception of elements as one. Contrary to this, if you leave white space, they will view it as separate.

So, what are the essential bits? The volume of white space for your user. Your users can comfortably move their eyes. It will give a lot of areas to rest.


You guessed it right!! These are small animations. But here, in this feature, it is not very significant. These can guide the users to interact well with your site. It can also embellish your site with playful elements. This will further give products to life. It will give an amplified detailing about your product.

For example, when one waves the mouse over the product. It will magnify the image (zoom in). Thus, it will give a better look at your product.

Source: Webkul

Revelry and Smashmellow, the retail brand, have given this option to showcase their product.

Fonts in Retro Style

Yes, you read it correctly. Modern users love the uncool. Retro fonts are the new normal. Even though the typography is not that old, it can breathe life into your website.

Fonts in Retro Style
Source: Global websites

Goliath Entertainment, the leading event planning company, has opted for this style.

Goliath Entertainment
Source: Goliath

Grid Design

Many designers are trying CSS Grid design. It creates the system of the 2D layout of the grid. It is best for cascading styles sheets.

It will provide all the calibres of print layout for the web.

Organic Shapes

In 2019, the geometric designs were a great trendsetter. The organic shapes will rule in the year 2021. These are also termed fluid shapes and do not have any straight lines.

These are best to break the sections of the site. They are an excellent option for background.

Organic shapes

Source: DCI

Headers for Full Page

This is an excellent eCommerce web design trend that will make its mark in 2021. You can implement variations in the header. The most prominent is adding the CTA button. You can place an engaging image on the right side and add CTA to the left.

Visualizing the Data

Communicating the data engages the user in an excellent way. It is, in fact, legitimate that it is a havoc situation. But it is worth it because data visuals will amplify your data more accurately. How?

Well. Human beings are visual souls. It can attract the readers and will make them understand you and your brand. Graphs and infographics are some of the prominent ways to bring life to your data.

Visualizing the data

Source: Thee Digital

Engaging and Impactful Stories

Your eCommerce website will shine among your users if you have impactful stories.

Zume, the sustainable brand, is the best example of such a trend.

Forms for Lead Generation

Setting up a form for lead generation online is one of the crucial elements for a marketing site. One will get an idea about the visitors. Hence, pose as many questions as you can. You can set a dynamic/ progressive contact form on the landing page. This will display the field as per the journey of the leads.

Technically, it’s not at all a good idea to display numerous fields. But you can assuredly make adjustments as per the data. This information will cover the data you already have about your lead. Now, these include the following:-

At the first conversion

  1. Name of the visitor
  2. Company name
  3. Email address

Forms for Lead Generation
Source: Thee Digital

At the next conversion

  1. Phone number
  2. Company size
  3. Title
  4. Total revenue of the company

You can also introduce CRM such as HubSpot. This will store the data of your potential leads. While incorporating CRM with a website, it can track the leads.

CRM such as HubSpot
Source: Thee Digital

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has completely changed the game for eCommerce. By implementing this technology, the users can check the products. This will assist the users in deciding on the purchase.

This technology has completely changed the perception of online business. It has especially given a new dimension to the home decor and fashion sector.

Gartner gave a prediction for the year 2019. They predicted that around 100 million users would use AR while shopping.

Pages Where Your eCommerce Website Needs Design

The design has a huge impact. Hence, you must keenly pay minute attention to each page of your site.

Home Page

Your homepage will have an aesthetic purpose. It will communicate what you are up to what your purpose is. You must convey the message immediately as the user navigates through the website.

Therefore, you must have an inviting and welcoming homepage. You can check the leading 2website of Burrow.

As soon as you visit the site, you can notice an image of the girl. She is seated on a big and comfy couch. This brand has conveyed that they are selling via their headline and CTA button.

Home Page

Source: Burrow

Product Pages

You must always design your product page to keep your ideal customer. Your product page website design must entice them to purchase. You must make sure that they communicate the benefits and features in detail about your product. This must include width, height, weight, colour, material, size, etc.

Bliss did a great job. Take a look at the image below:-

Product Pages

Source: Bliss

When the user visits your homepage, they should find the following:-

  1. The design must be clean
  2. Contact details
  3. Simple navigation
  4. Brand’s description
  5. Check out pages

The users nowadays are in a hurry. They wish to check out quickly. You do not want your clients to go through any uncomplicated process of checkout. Your check-out page must efficiently and smoothly guide the user.

The design must be simple. Always remember extra elements can increase the abandoned cart rate.

Natori is the best example of this.

Point To Remember:-

The majority of traffic to the website comes from smartphones. It is speculated that 65% of traffic draws from mobile accounts. You must overcome all the obstacles that your user may experience.

Hence, you must have a mobile-friendly eCommerce website. Make sure you focus on the design that looks better on tablets and smartphones.

Make sure you design a layout that looks unique and distinctive. Ensure it highlights your brand name and icon. Your product should pop out well while promoting your signature.

In a nutshell

The innovations have totally changed the concept of how users check the product and site. You, as a corporate owner, must specifically widen your ideas. Whatever eCommerce web design trends you opt for in 2021, follow with agility.

Here is the main focus that you should aim for:-

  1. Improvise the experience of shopping for the users.
  2. It will assist you to have loyal customers.

I hope these trends have inspired you. Suppose you plan to transform your business and get in touch with a web and mobile app development company. They will give life to your ideas with the right strategies.

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