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Free Up Space on Mac By Deleting Old Backups

Data is an essential part of today’s economy and the entire world. We try to understand and pass on this understanding, all the information via data. So in a sense, it takes center stage, and even though we don’t talk about it directly, we refer to its many forms in documents, movies, software, images, videos, and whatnot. Safety of data becomes a great concern, especially for people who daily deal with it and whose income entirely depends on it. It can contain delicate information to just observations for advanced scientific study, which can be critical to one’s work nature.

The system creating backups of data was developed. All the essential information which one considers to be of great importance can be stored separately on a drive, which can be restored as and when needed. Pretty handy, right? Hence, it was promoted in various applications, on a global stage, by multiple companies.

Apple, the tech giant, has also taken it seriously and has created a separate app for it, known as Time Machine. It is an efficient app that can work in the background and can provide you with useful backups of your data. But if this app is set into motion and if the backups are being taken more frequently, they can even fill up space in your hard drive unnecessarily. So what can be done? In this article, I will share with you some tips on how you can free up space by deleting old and unnecessary backups.

How To Free Up Space on Mac –

Let’s look at how you can delete the Time Machine’s backups by using the Finder.

Using Finder

  • Launch the Finder from the Dock, given at the bottom of the screen.
  • Please take out your drive to store all the backups and connect it with the system.
  • Open the external drive and go to Backups.backupdb and double click on it to open it.
  • You will find another folder by your Mac’s name. Open it.
  • In it, you will find the backups created by Time Machine.
  • Sort them out by date and delete the old ones.
  • To delete them, you need to click on them, and from the pop-up list, select “Move to Trash.”
  • After you have moved all the old backups in the Trash folder, open it and select all of them.
  • Delete them from here to get rid of them permanently.

Using Time Machine Itself

Let’s see how you can use Time Machine itself to clear storage on your Mac.

  • Take out your external drive in which all the backups are stored.
  • Connect it to your Mac.
  • Open the Time Machine using the time icon given at the top menu bar.
  • If you don’t know which icon represents it, you can also use the spotlight app to search for it.
  • In the Time Machine, look for the backups that you want to delete. Click on the settings icon and select Delete from the options given to you.
  • You will be prompted to confirm, follow the command. After that, you will be asked to put in your credentials to verify your identity.
  • Put in the password and hit enter to delete them.

So this is how you delete old Time Machine backups easily. There are two very simple methods that you can use. If you still feel that even these methods are just a waste of time or don’t want to follow all these steps, I would suggest you try a third-party cleaning utility software that can do it effectively. But there is another problem with that, and it is related to finding one that suits your needs. Almost all such cleaners claim that they are the best in the industry and you won’t get anything better than them. But is it correct? Maybe, maybe not, but we don’t want you to regret buying the product.

Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care

One of the best and the most used utility cleaners in the industry is SMC or Smart Mac Cleaner by Systweak Software. Suppose you are looking for a smart solution that can take care of your storage and smartly get rid of almost all the junk stored in your system. These junk files can come in many different shapes and sizes like duplicate videos, images, movies, broken downloads, useless apps, cache, cookies, old backups, and whatnot. The app itself has been designed in such a way to work efficiently, even without much human intervention. You need to download, install, launch the application, and click on Start scanning. It will scan your whole computer and will list up all the items it feels like cleaning. To know more about this fantastic application, click here.

I hope it helps.

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