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Google Ads Campaign To Promote Brand Online

Do you want to promote your brand to your target customers quickly? Do you want to grow your bottom line? Google Ads Campaign can help! Through Google Ads Campaign, you can increase your sales by reaching new customers online when looking for the products or services you offer.

Here, in this blog, we’ll discuss the top seven most effective Google Ads Campaigns that will help you promote your business and increase sales. Let’s get started!

Table of content:

  • Brand Awareness Campaign
  • App Promotion Campaign
  • Local Store Promotion
  • Leads Generation Campaign
  • Grow Website Traffic
  • Brand Consideration Campaign
  • Sales Campaign

7 Google Ads Campaign To Build Brand Online

Before going further, I would like to give you what’s Google Ads briefly is all about. Google Ads is a platform that lets you advertise your business to your target audience. As many advertisers are bidding for your target keywords, Google will give your ad a rank on the search engine based on several factors. So, make sure your ad matches the criteria set by Google.

Now, let’s have a look at different useful campaigns for successful brand marketing:

1. Brand Awareness Campaign

The first step in the marketing funnel is to make your people aware of your brand to know that your brand exists and what it is all about.

Primary Objective: To raise awareness about your brand.

How will Google Ads Help You?

You have 2 options to run a brand awareness campaign. Through Display Ads or Video Ads? Display ads should be your choice if you want to visualize your brand using compelling images. In case you want to target your audience on YouTube and across the web, we would recommend you to go with Video ads.

2. App Promotion Campaign

Do you have a mobile app that you want to promote? Create a strategy for the App Promotion campaign and implement it successfully on Google Ads Platform.

Main Objective: 

  • Encourage new people to install your mobile application.
  • Encourage your existing users to take action inside your mobile app.

How will Google Ads Help You?

Select the “App Promotion” objective and choose your campaign subtype. Decide on which platform you would like to promote your app. Is it an Android app or an iOS app? Decide what’s your advertisement budget and consider other relevant options. Upload your creatives and run your campaign.

3. Local Store Promotion

Do you have a local store and want to promote it using online mediums? Do you want to increase footfall to your physical store? This campaign will help!

Main Objective:

  • Promote your business to local customers.
  • Increase your store visits.

How will Google Ads Help You?

Select the “Local Store Visits and Promotion” as a campaign goal. Select your location type, which is appropriate. If you want to do it for your own business, you must first link your Google My Business account with your Google Ads account. Furthermore, continue setting up your local ad campaign considering all the available options.

4. Leads Generation Campaign

Businesses want to spend their marketing budget on those they think might be their target customers. One best way is to generate leads that worth your business. So, how would you do that? This campaign will help!

Primary Objective: To generate qualified leads.

How will Google Ads Help You?

You can encourage your customers to do a lot of things on your website using this campaign. It might be signing up for your newsletter, encouraging them to ask a certain question about your product or service, or anything else you think is essential to generate leads. Just select the “Lead Generation” as a campaign goal and select the required subtype to continue setting up your campaign to grow your business.

5. Grow Relevant Traffic on Website

If your main goal is to drive traffic to your website, this campaign will help. Make sure your advertisement is relevant to the users, and they will get a great user experience through your landing pages.

Primary Objective: To increase relevant traffic to your website.

How will Google Ads Help You?

Select “Website Traffic” as a campaign goal and choose the required subtype to continue setting up your campaign. Furthermore, set your budget and consider other available options to make your ads approved.

6. Brand Consideration Campaign

Once you are successful in making your target audience aware of your brand, your next step would be to encourage them to explore more about your brand. Use this campaign type to drive potential customers from your top-marketing funnel to your marketing funnel’s middle level.

Primary Objective: To encourage your target audience to consider your brand.

How will Google Ads Help You?

The video ad campaign is the only available option for brand consideration goals. You can run a video ad campaign in many ways:

  • To influence your target audience about your product or brand.
  • If you have a storyline, you may showcase your ads in a particular sequence.
  • If you want to promote relevant products, you can encourage people to shop on your website.

7. Sales Campaign

Run a sales campaign if your main goal is to sell your products or services. This will be based on driving people in the middle level of your marketing funnel to the lower lever marketing funnel.

Primary Objective: Drive sales or conversions by engaging people who are very close to making purchase decisions

How will Google Ads Help You?

Google offers you various subtypes to continue setting up your sales campaign, from search campaigns to smart and discovery campaigns. Think about your creative types and where your audience mostly hangs out. Then, select the subtype and upload your desired creatives.

Final Words:

Don’t forget! For Google, its users are essential. After all, you can get a share of traffic from off-line marketing campaigns, social networks, and affiliate marketing campaigns. So, it won’t take a single chance to low down your rankings if you don’t follow Google norms strictly. So, make sure whatever content you’re advertising should be relevant and based on the user’s search intent. And, the experience of your landing pages should be on your priority list as well!

Got something in mind that you would like to discuss? Share your views in the comment section below!

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Priya Jain is a digital strategist at StrategySoda, a brand marketing and advertising company in Ghaziabad, India. She specializes in building brands online through digital ad campaigns on search engines and social media platforms. Besides, she loves to share her expertise by writing blogs in her domain.

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