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Mastering Podcasting

Even though radio may not necessarily be turning into a thing of the past, recently, podcasts have indeed been coming up in the entertainment industry. Podcasts more so come in the form of series with various episodes, similar to TV shows. They create a vivid picture in your mind solely with an audio aspect and can also be utilized by brands to educate audiences about their products and services.

Tips To Start a Podcast

For any individual or group that is planning to start a podcast online, Here Are a Few Tips For Doing So:

  • The first step is to find your niche or the focus of your podcast. This includes the genre as well as the style and periodicity of your podcast. This step is essential, but it shouldn’t prevent you or your podcast from going further. You may first establish the kind of podcast you want to do, but you find your voice over time and with experience.
  • The next step is to choose an apt name for your podcast. It should be catchy and relatable to your genre and content so that it can be found easily when your targeted audience is searching for an online podcast.
  • Once that is done, define and establish your podcast’s style, frequency, and format, and stick to it to not confuse your audience.
  • Have the proper setup and skills to record, edit and publish your podcast online.

Types of Podcasts

When the concept of a podcast was first introduced, there was a lot of confusion amongst different audiences regarding whether this change was good. Today, podcasts have become more popular, and other groups enjoy different types of podcasts. There are various types of formats to choose from while considering options to start a podcast online. Here are the most popular podcast formats:

Non-fiction Narrative Storytelling:

These only attract a solid audience if done well. In this format, journalists and documentarists give in-depth information and insights on specific events, topics, and real-life stories.


These podcasts typically have one or two constant hosts who interview different guests or celebrities in each episode. To ensure that the audience is more or less consistent, the podcasts and the questions asked to follow a central theme across interviews.

Repurposed Content:

This is more common for educational content creators who want to upload on various platforms to reach and educate a wider audience. In this format, videos or blogs are turned into podcasts so that audiences who want to consume the content naturally have access to these creators’ content.


This form of the podcast is more common and refers to ones where the host talks from start to finish about specific topics and are widespread with those who want to share their experiences and expertise on a particular field or theme.


This is another reasonably standard format of podcasts where 2-3 co-hosts talk about specific themes or share stories. Since both are hosts, these often act as two-way interviews, or each host takes on a particular role in the conversation.

Tips For Any Business Podcast

Podcasts are increasingly spreading their reach and potential and have seen many business podcasts develop in the recent past. Here are a few great tips for recording and publishing the best business podcasts:

  • Do adequate amounts of research before as well as throughout the process of creating your business’ podcast. Listen to the best business podcasts, similar to your niche and industry, to learn and improve your own.
  • Find your USP and share that unique perspective to not bore your listeners with content that has already made its rounds across the internet. Share the same information in as creative a way as possible.
  • Stick to a fixed schedule. To do so, you need to make sure that you or your podcast workforce can handle the workload because maintaining the frequency of releasing solid podcast episodes is more crucial than putting in more content, as quality trumps quantity.
  • Practice interviewing skills as a pre-requisite regardless of the podcast format. Those selected as the best business podcasts involve real testimonials and experiences, which ultimately means that the podcast will require interviews.
  • Listening is almost as vital as speaking for any business podcast, so be engaging and make sure to consider audience feedback to make them feel heard.
  • Edit episodes with utmost care and creativity. Care needs to be taken to ensure that nothing published is controversial or can lead to the business’s fall. Creativity needs to be incorporated to ensure that the listeners remain interested throughout the episode with engaging music and sound effects if required without coming off as overpowering or unnecessary.

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