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Visitor Management System

Choosing the right housing society visitor management software can make all the difference when it comes to streamlining the day-to-day operations of your apartment complex. Today, dozens of options are available on the market, but it can be tough to pick one that meets all your needs. To help make the decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 housing society management solutions on the market.

Let’s take a look:

ADDA Visitor Management

ADDA Visitor Management is a comprehensive suite of tools for apartment complexes. It allows for comprehensive visitor tracking, complete with door lock access control and blacklisting, visitor registration forms, and contact tracing. It also has various payment options, making staying on top of finances even easier. Plus, it has automation tools that can make managing multiple buildings a breeze.

SF Manager

SF Manager is a great way to streamline communication between the various parties in a housing society. It brings the most important information about members, society, and events to the same dashboard and even helps reduce paperwork. Reports can be quickly generated and shared across stakeholders, and the app itself is designed to keep everything organized.

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ResiQ is a great option for those looking to simplify their housing society management. Its cloud-based systems allow easy access to all important documents and support automatic notifications for reminders, payments, and other notifications. Plus, it even has a host of financial and accounting tools too.


PlanetPlugins is a suite of cloud-based tools for housing society management. It’s designed to help with everything from maintenance to governance, and it even offers help with membership management and financial oversight. Plus, it’s designed with automation in mind, so it can handle many tasks without needing manual input.

Celaxys Property Management Software

Celaxys Property Management Software is designed to be comprehensive and easy to use. From tracking ownership to managing security, it offers an all-in-one solution. It also features mobile app access, so users can stay updated wherever they go.


MunityConnect is a housing society management software focused on communication. It aims to make it easier for members to stay updated about housing society-related issues and includes features like a private news feed, document-sharing tools, and a chatbot interface.


Rentdigs is a comprehensive platform for managing housing society data. It can handle tasks like tracking rentals and managing tenant inquiries and also includes a section for tenant portals, maintenance requests, and more. Plus, it’s cloud-based so that users can access it from anywhere.


GudoHome is another user-friendly platform that makes it easier to oversee a housing society. It helps automate many tasks, including document storage, tenant communication, and utility tracking. Plus, it has various reporting options, so you can keep tabs on how things are progressing.


RezEstate is designed to help streamline a housing society’s finance and property management. It’s a comprehensive platform, with features like accounting, tenant management, and invoicing all available. Plus, it has a built-in analytics package, so you can quickly assess how you’re doing.

CloverLeaf Solutions

CloverLeaf Solutions is a cloud-based housing society management software. It has various features for streamlining management processes, such as role-based access, tenant screening, and lease management. Plus, it has a mobile app for easy access, so users can stay updated wherever they go.

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In conclusion, a variety of options are available for housing society management software. Some of the most popular ones include ADDA Visitor Management, SF Manager, ResiQ, PlanetPlugins, Celaxys Property Management Software, MunityConnect, Rentdigs, GudoHome, RezEstate, and CloverLeaf Solutions. Each has its features and benefits, so it’s important to research and pick the one that best fits your needs.

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