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Platform To Develop eCommerce Website

Entering the ecommerce arena, your first challenge can be to choose the right platform for your online store. There are over 40 ecommerce platforms available today. Each of them is desirable for their certain merits. However, Magento continues to be the most popular choice for several business owners as this platform is rich in features and has a host of great functionalities and extraordinary administrative control over your online store. Here is a set of handy Magento features that alluring any Magento user to develop their website on this platform with a good Magento development company.

Analytical and Reporting Tools

The inbuilt reporting and analytical tools forming part of Magento can showcase the ecommerce store’s performance even on a glance. Magento enables monitoring the customer trends and helps the owners define the strategies that can boost their capabilities. The possibility of achieving out-of-the-box integration with Google Analytics is another desirable feature of Magento.

Customer Service and Accounts

Magento provides a suite of customer service and account options. The customer account option enables saving an unlimited number of addresses in the address book. Customers can also save items to a wish list and share it with their family and friends. Any customer can track their order status and get real-time updates on delivery.

Managing Catalogues

The dynamic and highly flexible catalogue management system of Magento can allow offline batch importing and exporting excellently well. You can define multiple types of products based on their colours, sizes, prices and other categories. Magento also facilitates integrating the back-office systems with the online store’s catalogue via webs services.

Order Management

Magento’s order management system offers a full set of functions that include the capability to view, edit and carry out the admin panel orders. Customers can also reorder the earlier orders found in their account while the admin views the full order histories.

Interesting Facilities Related to Shipping

Magento enables configuring of the online store according to the shipping practice of the owners. It is possible to integrate with the different shipment service providers like FedEx and UPS in real-time and display the career rates and support for the rates respective to the specific accounts of the shoppers or the flat rates meant for any general customer.

Payment Facilities

Magento can enable out of the box integration of the ecommerce website with several major payment gateways. It can enable online payment options, including Amazon, PayPal and others. A customer can also save the credit card information for offline payments. The other interesting payment features include accepting checks and money orders, integrating with the Google checkout and, accept the purchase orders and achieving additional payment extensions through Magento Connect.

All these functionalities, tools and interesting features make Magento a highly sought-after option for designing ecommerce websites.

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