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Power BI The Best BI Platform in The Market

Business Intelligence enables decision-makers to use technology for analyzing data and generating crucial insights that aid decision-making. The business intelligence market is predicted to be worth $33.3 billion by 2025. Companies across industries are using business intelligence to be ahead of their competitors. Business intelligence is used for various activities such as measuring business performance, empowering employees, gaining customer insights, cost optimization, enhancing employee productivity, etc. Business intelligence professionals are in great demand. For instance, the average salary of a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst is Rs. 10,00,000 in India.

Power BI is one such technology that helps organizations to make complex business decisions. To learn the effective use of Power BI tools, the professionals take up Power BI certification training.

Why Choose Power BI?

Power BI is a trending cloud-based Business Intelligence service offered by Microsoft. It has been derived from several years in relational databases like SQL Server, Access, etc. Power BI is a handy tool that transforms all the organization’s data into meaningful data.

Power BI is a problematic tool to understand, and this is why people take up Power BI training and a Power BI course to understand the tool properly.

Let us look at the top 5 reasons why Power BI is considered the best business intelligence solution in the market.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Power BI

The Customer-centric Approach of the Tool

Power BI tool is agile, which has removed the need to depend entirely on the IT staff. The tool is easy to deploy, easy to learn, centralized, and concise. There are plenty of challenges to set data-driven priorities for any business. A robust BI tool like Power BI can bring an efficient solution with its inbuilt intelligence.

The dashboard of Power BI delivers graphs, reports, and charts that are highly customer-centric and customized as per the business. All the data on the dashboard could be handled productively with this tool.

Easy To Learn

Power BI is designed on the same Excel platform, and the process of designing a report is similar to that in Excel. Microsoft Excel is used in the entire world, making it much easier for everyone to learn Power BI.

To get completely familiar with Power BI, people often take up the Microsoft Power BI certification to validate their skills and expertise. The concept of data modeling is completely based on Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server’s fundamentals. This makes it easier for the users to adopt the data modeling of Power BI and get the right Power BI training through its certification programs. The Power BI certification cost is Rs. 3350 in India.

The Database Environment is Monitored Effectively

Power BI analyses the log data of the last ninety days and generates an insightful report of it. The analysis of this report will not only determine the problems or issues that had occurred during this time, but it will also determine the probability of certain issues that might occur shortly. One more advantage is with the Power BI System Center Configuration Manager that monitors the cloud environment’s health and develops visual reports to analyze the server’s malware security.

Analytics Integrated with Cloud Intelligence

The Power BI services are offered on the cloud platform by Microsoft. Data security patches keep the data stored on the cloud safe from any malicious intrusion. Usually, the reports are generated on Power BI Desktop, and the report is shared with the other users who are authorized to use them through Power BI Service.

Better Collaboration Options

The collaboration options offered by Power BI are much better than other platforms. The user can collaborate with co-workers and create interactive dashboards and reports in the workspaces. These reports can be compiled and published in the application to make it visible to a larger audience. You can even share the reports or dashboards with a small audience through Power BI Mobile App.

Microsoft Power BI has proved itself to be the best cloud-based business intelligence service demanded by every business organization. If the data is used correctly, it could work miracles for the business’s growth. There are various competitors of Power BI, but still, it has managed to stay at the top with its best-in-class services.

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