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5 Best Sleekplan and Hellonext Alternative a Product Manager Should Not Miss

Did you also find yourself stuck with the popular customer feedback management tool like sleek plan and hellonext and do not know which one to choose beyond them? Don’t worry. We got you covered. Below we have covered some of the best hellonext and sleekplan alternatives which will surely help you collect customer feedback data. Furthermore, these data can be used by the product managers for the better development of the product or services based on the requirement of the customer need.

Top 5 Sleekplan and Hellonext Alternative

Below is the list of the top 5 alternatives of sleek plan and alternative of hellonext, which you should not miss out on as a product manager.


Korrect is the best customer feedback software available to users in the market. It is one of the best feedback management tools, which helps you view all the user’s feedback across multiple channels in a single place. The Korrect helps you prioritize and improve your product and services based on the feedback you have received from the end consumer, which differentiates it from its competitors.

Collecting feedback from the consumer and delivering it to all the respected members responsible for managing the design of that product and services make the Korrect better and the best sleekplan and hellonext alternative.

The korrect uses 5 steps process where it collects the feedback data and delivers it in one of the most refined ways:

  • Collection of the feedback
  • Analyzing the feedback
  • Prioritizing and roadmap of the feedback
  • Update announcement of the feedback

The Korrect can integrate with some of the most popular tools which you use on a daily bases. Some popular tools through which you can integrate the Korrect are slack, Zapier, Github, ClickUp, salesforce, Jira, intercom, and Hubspot.

The Korrect helps you find the loop or feature in your product or services which is not working or does not like by the users. It helps you get transparency to the users about the product and help decrease the response time to the feature request. Using Korrect can save a huge amount of time for the product manager.


Using Qualtrics to hear and understand each customer at a significant time and to take actions that result in ground-breaking experiences. With the help of a very potent, flexible experience management platform, you can quickly identify areas for improvement, automate procedures, and influence important organizational outcomes.


The founders of Totanga identified an opportunity to leverage the cloud to handle billions of consumer signals and provide context for teams that interact with customers. They founded Totango. The foundation for the expanding customer success sector, and now we are the top enterprise customer success platform for companies with recurring income.

Totango is used to handle consumers by hundreds of enterprises worldwide. Thanks to our business suite of customer success tools, you can link customer data, keep track of changes in health, and proactively engage customers. All on a single, strong, integrated platform.


By bridging the gap between brand reputation and customer experience, Birdeye’s SaaS platform retells how customer feedback attracts and keeps customers connected. It collects real-time customer feedback, ratings, and sentiment across all channels, including review sites, social media, and surveys.

Churn Zero

A real-time customer success platform called ChurnZero helps subscription businesses in preventing churn. Our software solutions provide organizations with the capability to tailor the customer experience through timely and relevant touchpoints, as well as the ability to understand how their customers use their products, evaluate their health, and predict their chance of renewal.

So, these are the list of the popular hellonext and sleek plan alternatives. As a product manager, you can take feedback from the customer and modify it accordingly.

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