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The Best 5 Website You Can Create Logo For Free

Even if you think, “I want to make a logo without resorting to a professional and without much effort,” still some may not know how to work this task. Therefore, This article will introduce websites where you can easily create a logo for free.

If you want to make an attractive logo without spending money, I encourage you to try it out from the sites listed in this post.

Four Questions To Answer When Choosing A Logo Creation Website

  • Can You Create A Logo With A Simple Operation?

There is no point in using the site unless the specifications allow you to create a logo easily. It’s essential to choose a tool that enables you to make your logo in just a few steps, such as entering your text and selecting your desired design.

  • Are There Abundant Enough Templates?

You can easily create a logo close to the image by providing many choices, such as selecting templates from industry categories. Therefore, how many templates are prepared is one of the criteria for choosing a logo maker.

  • Can You Create A High-quality Logo Even For Free?

For example, the logo you created may include the name of the site you created, resulting in a logo that you cannot use. If it is free, the image may be highly low-resolution, so it is necessary to try to make a quality logo suitable for the size to be used.

  • Can You Create A Logo That Can Be Used In Business?

You can use many sites for business, but it is necessary to check it just in case. Besides, if the taste of the logo you can make is not suitable for commercial or can only make flashy things, you should avoid using it for business.

Well, Let Check Out All These Logo Generation Websites.


DesignEvo is a logo creation site with a wealth of templates and fonts.

Main Features:

High-resolution output

The types of designs and the types of fonts are abundant to create highly customized logos.

You can check your logo effect with the Preview function before downloading.

Note: You need to share it to download the created logo for free.


Logaster is a website where you can create a high-quality logo by selecting the company name and design.

Features of Logaster:

Your logo can be created simply by following the on-screen instructions.

You can create a logo just by selecting the items that are displayed on the screen.

The templates, according to your company’s industry, are displayed automatically.

Note: There is a charge for downloading 1024px and above.

There are many templates available, and if the concept is not decided to some extent, it will take time to select.


An online logo maker is a tool that allows you to create a full-scale logo with a wide variety of fonts and materials.

Points of Onlinelogomaker:

Reading the tutorial before creating a logo will lead to smooth logo creation.

Not only can you apply the text to the template, but you can also make various customizations.

Note: If you use it for free, you can download it up to 300px, so if you want to create a large size, you need to make a paid plan or use another site.


CoolText is a logotypes logo maker where you can create a logo by editing texts.

Key Characteristics of CoolText

You can create a logo in just three steps.

You can create a logo with just two steps: “Select fonts-based logo template” and “Enter logo text,” and then edit it.

Note: Fewer designs for business. There are many pop and flashy designs, so if you want to choose from many business designs, it may not be suitable.

Logo factory

The logo factory is a logo creation site that can include a wealth of fonts and icons.

Point of Logofactory:

Not only the company name and website domain but also the subtext can be placed.

You can do the operations like PowerPoint, such as the arrangement of materials and the text’s setting.

Note: It is quite powerful, but it is not so intuitive as many editors are displayed with two lines. And the canvas is not large enough.

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