5 Top Tips To Create Inspiring Logo

Making a great logo design is not as easy as it sounds. It needs a whole distinctive level of creativity and ideas, especially if you are a newbie in logo designing. You might end up scratching your head to find out that one great blaze of some awesome idea for your next logo design.  Well, here is your savior. This blog will give you top tips that will help you create an inspiring brand logo design, and whether it is for a business, a product, or an organization, these tips will be your good buddy for the long term.

Let’s start with the first understanding of what the different forms of logos are:

Letter Mark Logo –

This type of logo is typography-based, typically made from the company’s initials or brand’s name, known as the monogram. For example, the CN logo is short for Cartoon Network, and HBO stands for Home Box Office.

Word Mark Logo –

These types of logos have focused on the name of the business or brand. It is the simplest and precise approach often used by many renowned companies like Google, Disney, Coca-Cola, Nescafe, etc.

Brandmark Logo –

This type of logo is also known as a pictorial mark because it excludes its name but instead uses a symbol to represent a brand or company like Apple, Nike, Snap chat, etc.

Combination Mark Logo –

This type of logo comprises of brandmark logo in the combination of both wordmark and letter mark logo. Some of the most famous examples are MasterCard, British Steal, Premier League, etc.

Now that you are familiar with the different forms of the logo, let’s dive straight away into the hottest tips to design an awesome logo.

Be Unique and Keep Your Logo Simple

You don’t want to complicate things. Just avoid being messy. While designing a logo, always keep in mind that a logo will be the face of a brand name and differentiate it from its competitor. So standing out and thinking out of the box is a great resource. Another most important thing is to be unique. You can’t just use the designs which other brands already use though you can take inspiration from them. To check the originality of your logo design, you can take the help of many online plagiarism checker sites like logo thief and vice versa.

Understand the Brand

Before designing the logo, go through the brand thoroughly and understand what it is for what kind of audience your logo will be targeting. For example, you don’t want to create a boring logo for a sports brand. Instead, you will need to focus on a design that portrays an energetic vibe to inspire the young audience. Also, competitive research will be of great help. Last but not least, create an inspiring story for your logo to give it more of a personal touch and depth. The audience always remembers logos that have some history or a story behind them.

Choose Your Colors Thoughtfully

Color is one of the main components of a logo design. It right away catches the eye, conjures up emotions, and conveys the message. So, it is most important to reflect on the choice of the color combination while creating the layout of a logo. Keep in mind that every color has its implication. There is a whole psychology behind colors. Here are few examples of what some colors may illustrate: 

Take Help From Online Tools and Resources

There is an end number of tools available for you online that will help you with an inspirational and collaborating approach. Many sites offer these kinds of assistance, especially for newbie designers. Some of these tools are free of cost, whereas some are paid and have additional features like 3D designs.

Keep It Flexible

Your logo will be working for various media, so you need to focus on a flexible design and not lose its quality, no matter how the size or medium it will be used for. It is very important to maintain a balanced combination of simple and quirky. Your logo, without a doubt, should look great on any background, should work for all kinds of apps, icons, avatars, and print, and has a flexible size.

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