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Watch TV on Your Laptop

Laptops are very suitable for watching TV. You can take them with you everywhere and easily use online TV services such as Broadcast Missed, Knippr, and Netflix. What makes a laptop suitable for watching TV, and what is possible?

If you live in Denmark, use Danmarks bedste IPTV to watch the latest movies and shows for free.

The Ideal Multimedia Laptop

You don’t need a luxury laptop to enjoy a movie or series. Yet, there are a few requirements you can set for a multimedia laptop. For example, it is nice to have a pleasant screen, which is also not too small.

Pay attention to the viewing angles and the color reproduction and preferably choose a laptop with a Full HD resolution (1920 by 1080 pixels). A 15- or 17-inch laptop is also a lot more pleasant to watch TV than an 11- or 13-inch model.

Furthermore, you do not need a powerhouse for playing (full HD) videos. Most types of laptops can handle that just fine. For the optimal viewing experience, avoid only the cheapest laptops. They are really too slow.

Preferably use accessories such as headphones or external speakers for the sound. Laptops themselves usually have very mediocre speakers.

Also, check out our test of 24- and 27-inch screens on which you can watch TV even better.

Watch Live TV Over The Internet

On the Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO), you can watch live broadcasts on Nederland 1, 2, and 3. You can watch TV for free and without an account via the website. Some TV series and films are not shown over the internet due to rights.

You cannot watch the live broadcasts abroad via You can use for this.

Most providers also allow you to watch TV online on your laptop. In the web browser, you can then view all channels that you also receive on the TV. Learn how to watch TV online with your provider.

Missed Program

Many TV programs can be watched after broadcast via special websites. The quality is not that good, especially when you watch the episode on full screen. You can watch programs via NPO Start, RTL XL, KijK, and NLZiet, sometimes for free but not always.

Movies and Series on Demand

Do you not want to watch a TV program but a movie or a series on your laptop? There are more and more sites to download (stream) movies and series to your laptop. With some, you pay a certain amount per episode, while other services use a subscription form. This allows you to watch unlimited TV for a fixed amount per month.

The best-known on-demand provider is Netflix, where you can watch unlimited series and movies in HD for € 11 per month. Read more about all content-on-demand services in the Netherlands and the pros and cons per service.

Disney also has its own service that has also been available in the Netherlands since the beginning of November 2019. The offer is much smaller than that of Netflix, but the costs are also a lot lower. € 7 / month.


If you have a cable or internet subscription via Ziggo, you can also watch the channels that fall within your subscription in the EU via Ziggogo. Tv.

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