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Why Cell Phone Tracking App Should Be The First Choice For Bosses?

Business organizations spend a huge amount of money on their employees well –being. However, they also equip their employees with business-owned mobile devices and restrict them to use these cellphone devices within the working hours for communication with clients, colleagues and with the executives. On the other hand, employees over the years are used to violate the rules and regulations and have started the usage of the business owned device for personal reasons.

Therefore, employers are facing plenty of issues such as waste of time, leakage or theft of business intellectual property and plenty of other things like scams and cyber-attacks. Therefore, employers have to do something to prevent such employee’s activities in working hours and they have to keep a check on their cell phone devices. Nowadays, employers are using a cell phone tracking app on the business owned mobiles. The result-oriented mobile monitoring app has made its employer’s first choice.

Is Cell Phone Tracking App The First Choice Of Employers?

Cell phone tracker software is a powerful tool that is particularly designed and developed for business executives to make a check on business-owned cell phone devices provided to employees. It is packed with powerful and ultimate tools that enable bosses to track every activity of employees on the business owned mobiles.

Furthermore, you can use it remotely on the employee’s devices once you have installed it first on business-owned devices and then provided to your employees. You can monitor activities of employees likewise cell phone calls, text messages, social media activities, emails, GPS location, record the surround of employees and many others alike.

That’s why the mobile tracker app should be the first choice of employers. Now I am going to tell you how to get your hands on it and how to use its powerful features and how to install it on the target device to get the job done.

How To Use The Phone Tracker App On Business-owned Devices?

Initially, you need to get your hands on the best mobile tracking software and you do it, but you have to visit its official webpage on the web. Once you have reached the webpage then you need to perform the following mentioned steps. Let’s get to know about it in the following.

Get The License of Cell Phone Tracker App

Visit the webpage and then abruptly get the subscription and you will get the password and ID via an email sent to you. Now check your inbox of the email account and you will receive it.

Get Physical Access On Employees Business Owned Phone

Now it is the right time to have the possession of your business-owned cell phone device and start the process of installation. After you have ended up with the installation process properly then activate it on the targeted device. You should also know that it will remain invisible even on the latest OS version of the target device.

Activate Web Portal Using Credentials

Use the password and ID and get access to the online dashboard and further visit all the powerful tools that enable you to supervise the activities of employees on business owned cellphones in working hours. Let’s get to know about it in the following.

Mobile Tracking Software Tools To Track Business Owned Devices

Call Recording

You can record live calls no matter incoming outgoing on business owned mobiles using secret call recorder app and send data to dashboard.

Text Messages Tracker

You can read text messages sent or received on your employee’s mobile devices and further you can track SMs, MMS and many other alike chats on a cellphone.

GPS Location Tracker

Employers can track the current location of employees with time stamp using GPS location tracker app. Further, employers can also set virtual boundaries for each employee working hours and get information about employee’s presence on the company’s premises from time to time. Employers will receive instant alerts via email notifications if any employee goes outside or enter late in the business firm.

Screen Recorder

You can remotely record the screen of your employee’s mobile using mobile device tracker software. it empowers you to record short multiple videos of the screen and send it to the web portal.


TheOneSpy mobile spy is the best tool for employers and it is the first choice of employers because it empowers them to track employees’ activities on business-owned devices in working hours. So, employers can prevent data breaching, time-wasting, theft of intellectual property and many others.

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