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Zoom Clone App

There is no doubt that online classes have been the buzzword for teachers, students, and parents worldwide since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. With interactive audio and video teaching sessions, students were able to learn different concepts with ease. The trend was adopted by schools as well as colleges and universities.

Zoom has been the stand-out app of 2020 and has witnessed strong momentum in 2021 with a spike in downloads and usage. Its state-of-the-art video conferencing solution facilitates a hybrid learning environment ensuring better engagement between students and teachers.

Entrepreneurs looking to stake a strong position in the highly competitive video conferencing market can achieve their business objectives by initiating Video conferencing app like zoom. They can get hold of an affordable white-label video conferencing solution that is readily deployable and feature-packed.

Know The Various Plans in The Zoom Clone App For Education?

Free Basic Plan –

It is exclusively available for kindergarten schools up to 12th grade. Schools can submit their official email address and website to become a member of the plan. The teachers can conduct unlimited video meetings without any restrictions.

The paid plan included in the Zoom clone offers different options like transcription, secure cloud backup, single sign-on (SSO), live chat, and integration with any learning management system (LMS).

Why is The Zoom Clone Beneficial For Online Education?

24×7 access to learning facilities for the students irrespective of location, economic, and social background.

Real-time response to doubts of the students by knowledgeable teachers.

Advanced tracking of the performance of the students by the teachers by conducting exams and tests via Zoom.

It is highly scalable to handle a huge student population.

The Plethora of Advantages From Zoom Like App Development For Online Learning

Real-time Class Management –

Teachers can instantly manage their students’ activities using virtual attendance, digital seating charts, and recording the sessions.

Better Interaction –

The instructors of online classes can quickly know students’ behaviour by conducting polls and surveys, utilizing whiteboards, using annotations, and requesting them to share their reactions through emojis.

Security Measures –

The safety of the students is ensured on the Zoom clone app for education as the guidelines and rules of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are followed.

Democratizes Education –

It equalizes online learning opportunities for everyone through tools like closed captioning and lives transcription.

Some Helpful Tips For Teachers While Handling The White-label Video Conferencing Solution Like Zoom

Use Breakout Rooms –

It is ideal for group learning and remote learning for students. Breakout rooms are apt for students to finish their assignments and projects on time. Students can also ask for help from teachers and get their queries and doubts answered promptly.

Utilize The Zoom Chat Option –

The Zoom clone is built with a live chat option that is useful for instant messaging and sharing multimedia content. The teachers can create a group to respond to all the questions posed by the students. Both public and private chatting facilities are available for seamless communication.

Integrate Teaching With The Whiteboard –

The advanced whiteboard on the Zoom clone app is cross-platform compatible. Teachers can share the whiteboard with the students easily. The instructors can press the Participant annotation button for students to share their opinions and suggestions.

Discuss The Etiquette To Be Followed –

The teachers can create a trouble-free e-learning environment for them by asking them to follow the rules properly. The instructors can remove the students who do not pay heed to the guidelines from the online classroom.

Register on Outschool –

Outschool contains a comprehensive list of resources, learning centres, and webinars for online teaching. Prospective teachers can attend training sessions and boot camp learning programs to upgrade their knowledge and skill levels. It provides various benefits such as flexible learning, freedom to finalize their curriculum, and the elimination of paperwork by using digital tools.

How The Zoom Like App Uses Advanced Tools To Improve The Overall Learning Experience

Screen-sharing of Content –

This is extremely useful for teachers as they can directly share their screen with students when explaining mathematical problems, diagrams, and graphs.

Sound Enhancement –

An online class may have hundreds of students attending it simultaneously from different locations. Top-notch audio quality is a must-have for the clear sharing of concepts. The teachers can utilize high-resolution in their audios while speaking through the microphone. This ensures that students remain highly interested while taking part in seminars and webinars on the Zoom clone.

Co-annotation –

E-learning becomes more flexible when the teachers share the annotation options with the students. The students can use it to draw lines, shapes, and arrow marks through digital pens and erasers.

Auto-scheduling of Meetings –

The teachers can start their online classes on time by scheduling them beforehand, either daily, weekly, or monthly. Reminders are shared to avoid delays in attending online sessions.

Keyboard Shortcuts –

Teachers can save valuable time by utilizing different keyboard options for sharing invites to attend meetings, muting audios, and screen-sharing.

Content Translation –

The teachers can automatically translate the concepts and intricacies taught using the content translation option. Students can listen to the audio alone in their preferred language. The teachers must enable this feature while they schedule their online meetings.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the modern Zoom clone app has transformed the entire education industry and has made it more resilient to adapt to rapid changes in the future. Online learning will not be only for attending classes and sessions, but students will also gain knowledge and skills from courses and programs. There are no physical or geographical barriers as any student with a compatible device and access to the Internet can make full use of e-learning.

Online education may evolve in the future through integration with advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR), which will help in offering a personalized blended learning experience for the students. Hence, move ahead in the fast-growing e-learning industry soon by kickstarting Zoom-like app development now.

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