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A Paradise For Foodies; Delight Your Tastebuds in Dubai’s Classic Cuisine

Dubai is the epitome of beauty and an extravaganza. It is the place that has shaped from mere a dessert into a region now brimming with skyscrapers. The technology has made a great impact on this landscape. Evolving it into a go-to place for the nations to embellish their homeland. 

Dubai has now become a hub for tourists. Not just from the Middle Eastern side. But people from Europe, and Asia even travel now and then to this place. Whose luxurious yet alluring charm pulls the travelers from the distance toward itself. 

Those who have no idea what this seemingly warm land would look like, visit and get spellbounded by the sheer charisma of it. And once, someone gets to know this place. Then their another visit is somehow guaranteed. 

If you are planning to travel to Dubai any sooner, then have a stroke of good luck exploring this vibrant and appealing place. But let us enlighten you with the things that can be a source of multiplying your joy during your visit. 

Don’t just think that Dubai is all for its sky-high buildings, architecture, or amusing sites. But, its delectable cuisine holds such potential. That it will solely be alone to capture your heart. Furthermore, the history and ancient aspects of it will also keep you hooked on this location. 

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But worry not, subscribing to a dedicated VPN is a great practice if you are a traveler. As it keeps you safe from phishing attacks. Plus, it will serve as a gateway for you to crack the restricted sites like you are at home. 

Therefore, now, you are all set to discover the hidden gems of this city. Now, brace yourself and get ready for a ride through the cuisine of UAE. 

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The Realm of Emirati Cuisine 

Emirati cuisine is all in all a demonstration of the affluent and augmented cultural leverage that has molded the entire culinary culture of the United Arab Emirates. The dishes from their cuisine are a wonderful fusion of the Arabian Peninsula and Persia. Moreover, you will sense a taste of Pakistani cuisine in it. 

Which gives that a more exotic taste and a perfect treat for your tastebuds. This is why their cuisine is all famous for the aromatic spices and the tempting rice. And the juicy tender meat. Moreover, the seafood here is truly irresistible. 

What could be the dishes that you should give a try to, while you are soaking in the sun and refreshing breeze of Dubai? Well, here they are! 


Machbous Ala Djaj (Bahrain) Recipe -
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This, which we call Machbous, is the national dish of UAE and proudly a must-try dish for everyone who is into tasting this divine cuisine. This epic dish consists of Rice, which is wonderfully made with a myriad of spices. 

Like cinnamon, cardamom, and the aromatic saffron. This dish is typically topped with the juicy and the delicately cooked meat. The meat could be chicken, lamb, or even fish. What is astonishing is that each region of Dubai has its type of Machbous. Creating their style of the dish. 


Best Luqaimat to try in Dubai - News | Khaleej Times
Image Credit: Khaleej Times

After this heavily amazing dessert, both on your tastebuds and your stomach. We are sure you would be left craving for something to end the thing on a sweet note. And what would be better to have as a dessert other than Luqaimat? 

These are tiny fried dumplings that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, which might fool you as something a savory item. But surprisingly a treat for every sweet tooth. This crispy bite of dumplings is served with a gracious deluge of date syrup. 

Which gave it a delightful sweetness. This dessert is usually relished during special occasions, as it is perfect for coloring the charm of occasions. 


Arabic Mutton Hareesa Recipe - Tasted Recipes
Image Credit: Tasted Recipes

Harees is a warm and comforting dish, which is usually made from meat, lamb, and chicken. All these ingredients are cooked on a low flame until they get a creamy consistency, the same as porridge. 

Harees are usually enjoyed in the month of Ramadan by the people. Or on festivals. It is a simple dish but is very delicious and considered a grand delight. 

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Wrapping Up

The cuisine of Dubai is influenced by many regions. It is a blend of the goodness of various nations. Such as Iran, Pakistan, and Lebanon. The cardamon, and turmeric add rich flavor to the dishes giving it an Asian touch, while the saffron indicates the aroma coming straight from Lebanon. 

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