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Famous Profitable Shopping Purchases in the Outlets of the State

In New Hampshire, goods are not subject to VAT. You will get the opportunity to make profitable purchases in the outlets of the state. The most famous are:

Settler’s Green in North Conway;

Tanger Outlets in Tilton.

Importantly! From the United States, it is impossible to export longer declared vegetables or fruits.

It is better to bring from the trip not just a tourist trifle, but valuable goods that are sold here cheaper than in Europe: clothes, children’s toys, vitamins, perfumes, jewellery.

On all the shelves of local merchants, there is an abundance of T-shirts and hoodies. I love NY. In 2021, such a T-shirt will cost you 5, and a hoodie is only $ 15.

Course, take as a gift to friends and colleagues traditional souvenirs – badges, magnets, bells with the image of the main symbols of the United States.

Attractions & Entertainment

Since the end of the twentieth century in New Hampshire, a tourist destination has been actively developing, first of all, excursions to the most beautiful natural places. However, in the state capital, many attractions have great historical value and are interesting for tourists.

The most famous and popular is the House of Representatives of the state of New Hampshire. It was designed and built in the early XIX century and is one of the oldest buildings of this type.

First of all, the state of New Hampshire is famous for its magnificent natural landscapes and excellent views.

Mission Ridge

The White Mountains, located in Coos County, New Hampshire, became widely known thanks to the mountain range called the Presidential. All of its largest peaks are named after America’s presidents and prominent figures. The northernmost peak is called James Madison, who is the fourth president of the United States. This winds-open peak is viral among tourists, and at its foot, you can stay for a while in a small house. The average cost of living in 2021 is from $ 60 per day.

White Mountains National Wildlife Refuge

This is one of the most popular natural attractions in this part of the United States. Beautiful views, clean air, relative proximity to major cities allow you to have a good rest with the whole family. The highest point of the White Mountains is Mount Washington, with a height of 1917 meters. Hurricane winds often blow here.

In 1934, the wind was recorded at a speed of 372 kilometres per hour, one of the strongest in the history of the Earth.

Here is the famous Appalachian Trail hiking trail. All the chronic extremes of the world dream of passing through it. Fans exploring the starry sky can visit the local observatory.

Lake District

To the south of the White Mountains is the “Lake District,” with several large lakes. The largest lake in New Hampshire is Winnipesausai, with 184 square kilometres and 65 meters.

New Hampshire is rich in lakes. Winnisquam, Squam, Newfound, Winniskesai – this is an incomplete list of large state reservoirs.

Almost every lake you can settle and have a profitable purchase good rest, enjoying the tranquillity and beauty of nature. Accommodation prices vary and depend on the level of the hotel. The average cost in 2021 is about $ 60-70 per day. Very popular rest on the water and yachting.

Hampton Beach

Although the length of the state’s coastline is small (only 29 kilometres), and the coast is mostly rocky, there are several sandy beaches in New Hampshire. The most famous is the seaside resort of Hampton Beach.

It is very popular, and here you can have a good rest with the whole family.

Ski Resorts

The mountains of New Hampshire provide tourists with excellent opportunities for recreation and winter sports. There are 5 ski areas. A common infrastructure unites them.

The state of New Hampshire is considered one of the best North American ski destinations for European tourists.

It is well located and has good transport links. Prices at the local ski resorts are very attractive.

You can hire car services to visit these outlets.

Ski Areas:

  • Loon Mountain;
  • Cannon Mountain;
  • Waterville Valley;
  • Cranmore Mountain;
  • Wildcat Mountain.

Foreign travellers are offered a unique opportunity to use a single ticket when visiting all five resorts (ski pass).

What Else To Do?

In addition to profitable purchases to skiing and snowboarding in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, it also offers:

  • Snowmobile excursions;
  • Spaces for cross-country skiing;
  • Tubing;
  • Dredging and traditional sleigh rides;
  • Ice skating.

Interesting Facts

In New Hampshire, several ridiculous laws are regulating the lives of residents. For example:

  • Drivers allowed not to fasten their seat belts;
  • You can not pay with clothes to repay the card debt;
  • Staying in hotels in New Hampshire, you can not use someone else’s name;
  • You can not collect algae on the beach and take them with you.
  • It is known that in the territory of New Hampshire, filmed American film “Jumanji.”
  • New Hampshire is the only American state that does not have a zoo.

Communications & Security

If you are in the United States and want profitable purchases to call Russia, dial the international access code 011, the required country code, and the phone number.

Dial 1 (exit to the intercity), then the city ID and phone to call within the country.

How to call from New Hampshire from a mobile phone will explain the representative of the mobile operator whose services you use.

U.S.News published a rating of the safest states in the United States.

The basis for this list was the criterion of “public safety,” which includes the level of violent and property crimes. New Hampshire entered the top ten safe states of the United States.

Despite its small size, the state of New Hampshire can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding tourist.

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