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New York During New Year Holiday 2022

Following are places for the things to do in New York on this New York holidays 2022.

Times Square

Walking around New York, be sure to check out Times Square. It’s where Broadway and Seventh Avenue meet. And one of the interesting sights of the city, which is visited annually by millions of tourists. There are days when the square is crossed by about 500,000 pedestrians. About a million people come here on New Year’s Eve to watch the descent of the time ball on a special flagpole. This tradition is more than 100 years old. Times Square is home to the offices of large companies, financial institutions, and the media. Bright neon lights, huge multi-coloured signs make the square one of the most spectacular places in the city.


On the hill in Fort Trion Park is a museum that is dedicated to European medieval art and architecture. Its founder was J. S. Williams. Rockefeller. With his money in 1938, a building was built in the Neo-Peroman style, stylized as a medieval castle. The Cloisters collection houses about 5,000 exhibits telling history from Byzantium to the Renaissance. The most interesting exhibit in the museum is the cloisters brought from the abbey of Saint-Michel-de-Cooks, dating from the XI-XII centuries. Inside the museum, visitors will find unique stained glass windows, medieval frescoes, as well as original tapestries and sculptures.

Where To Go in New York:

Things to Do in New York is not in vain belongs to the glory of the cultural city. Such a number of museums, galleries, exhibitions, theatres, art objects is not in any city in the world. There are a few places in New York that you should definitely go to.

Grand Central Station

The central station is not just a transport hub, but also an architectural masterpiece created in 1913. There are 44 railway platforms, more than any other place. Also under the roof of the station, there are 60 shops for shopping and 35 restaurants. Be sure to visit the main hall to admire the plafond by Paul César Elleus. It depicts constellations in the night sky. Central Station has long been a favourite place for appointments and dates. It also became a platform for filming in film and television many times.

New York Public Library

The main branch of the New York Public Library has become one of the most recognizable attractions in New York. It is the second-largest library in the United States and the third-largest in the world. The entrance to the library is decorated with Corinthian columns, and the function of protection is carried by sculptures of lions. The main reading room of the Scientific Library is a majestic room with a ceiling height of 16 m. Panoramic windows, massive armchairs, wooden furniture, tables with traditional brass lamps complement the entourage of the hall. The library offers free guided tours for all comers from Monday to Saturday at 11:00 and 14:00.

Coney Island

It is a former island that is located southwest of Brooklyn. At the turn of the XX century, it became a peninsula. It is worth coming here to soak up the sandy beach, try the famous hot dog at Nathan’s Famous diner and ride the rides. The park is home to one of New York’s oldest roller coasters, and it welcomed its first visitors back in 1927. Also don’t miss the Ferris Wheel. It has become a favourite place for marriage proposals for couples in love. Interestingly, the career of Cary Grant, a famous Hollywood actor, began in Coney Island, where he worked first as a lifeguard, and then as an entertainer.

Union Square

Union Square is a square that appeared at the intersection of two streets: Broadway and Fourth Avenue. Since its inception in the 1830s, the square has been a place of protest and opposition demonstrations. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8:00 to 18:00, there is a farmer’s market. There is no better place to buy fresh produce in the city. Since the end of November, there is a Christmas market, when in addition to products you can also buy handicrafts. The decoration of Union Square are sculptures of J. S. Williams. Washington and Av. Lincoln.

American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History has an interesting feature to find more and more new ways to demonstrate the diversity of its exhibits. The museum consists of 28 buildings, which house 45 permanent exhibitions. Most of all in the museum will appeal to children, especially in the hall of dinosaurs. Huge skeletons of ancient lizards amaze the imagination. Many of them are one of a kind. Be sure to check out a life-size copy of the Blue Whale. Thirty-meter giant will leave indifferent neither children nor adults. The museum has a planetarium for screening films about the structure of the solar system and space.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

It is a Catholic church in New York, built-in 1878 in the Gothic style. The cathedral is completely lined with white marble. The height of the two towers of the temple is 100 meters. Once it was the tallest building in New York, but now it is surrounded on all sides by skyscrapers. In 2015, after the restoration, the cathedral was visited by Pope Francis. Inside you can go to admire the sculptures, a beautiful altar and a magnificent rose window.

New York Botanical Garden

Walking around New York, you can not miss its amazing botanical garden. On an area of 101 hectares (250 acres), the garden staff grows about 1 million plants. A number of them are listed in the Red Book as endangered species. Here you can see what the city looked like before the arrival of Europeans. Untouched forest covered the entire territory of the future New York, today a piece of it can be seen only here. White ash, birch, cherry, beech – form the basis of the forest in the botanical garden. There is a territory of coniferous forest, a Japanese garden of stones, Garden of herbs. Every year, the Botanical Garden gives New York and its residents an Orchid Festival.

Things to Do in New York Museum of Modern Art

Some of the most interesting works of contemporary art are on display in the world-famous MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). The museum’s collection has 150,000 copies, many of them without exaggeration masterpieces. The most significant: “Starry Night” by Van Gogh, “Avignon girls” by Picasso, “Constancy of Memory” by Dali. MoMA hosts exhibitions where you can see the works of Picasso, Degas, Miro. The museum is free of charge every Friday from 16:00 to 20:00. Walking around New York, do not miss MoMA.

What to see in the vicinity of New York

After the question of what to see in New York, the following arises – and what is worth seeing and visiting in its vicinity. There are several tourist routes that are worthy of the attention of travellers.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is worth seeing with your own eyes to feel the beauty and power of nature. It is located on the border between the United States and Canada. Every minute 4 million cubic meters of water break from a height of 53 meters and rush towards the Atlantic Ocean. There are several ways to admire Niagara Falls: you can make a fascinating boat trip to the foot of the falls, but get ready to say goodbye to dry clothes. You can rent a helicopter and see this miracle of nature from a height. The third option is to walk along the pedestrian bridges above the water.

Watkins Glen National Park

At the southern end of Lake Seneca begins Watkins Glen Park. It is notable for the 18 waterfalls that are located on its territory. There are hiking trails popular with travellers. In the rocks above the waterfall, there is a track where car races are held. The deep canyon stretches for 400 meters through the park, its steep walls are worth seeing this miracle of nature with your own eyes. Several interesting bridges are thrown across the water stream, benches installed, there are souvenir shops and cafes. You can book your ride with an airport car service to enjoy all destinations within the budget.

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