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Travel Writing

Travelling has changed a lot since the previous decades. The number of international travelers is increasing rapidly.

See the following illustration, which depicts the increase in the number of international travelers.

This increase has also promoted the concept of travel writing. These are the literature providing details regarding a tourist destination.

Around 70% of digital users utilize travel writing for different social and economic purposes. The digital and printed form of travel writing is a significant part of the literature.

Along with its impact on literature, it is also effective on internal energy and satisfaction. Let’s discuss some of the effects that it creates.

How It Affects Internal Energy?

Internal energy is referred to as the packet of emotions inside a human body that regulates mood. The human body’s internal energy is a sensitive element; it gets drained from minute dissatisfaction and incidents.

Travel writing has a significant impact on restoration and adequate usage of internal energy. Let’s discuss some of the travel writing impacts on internal energy.

It Burst Stress

Traveling is a great way to reduce stress. Around 80% of people feel relaxed after two days of traveling. While traveling, the body releases a hormone called cortisol which regulates happiness in your mood.

Writing after traveling becomes a stress buster for writers. Writers recall their memories, and these memories depict to the brain as an original scenario. This depiction increases the cortisol level regulating the mood.

This is why writers feel relax and stress-free whenever they write about their traveling. If you prepare your journal at the destination, it will be more effective due to your stress-free mind.

It increases Happiness and Satisfaction.

Travel writing is directly effective on your satisfaction level and self-image. While traveling, you met new people and deal with different situations. These incidents support you in increasing your confidence level.

When you write and recall all these incidents, it sustains your confidence level. The travel journal that you have written will work as a medicine for increasing your happiness.

You can read about your tough experiences whenever you felt down. By reading it repeatedly will make you remember your internal powers and courage.

It Changes your Personality

Sharing your travel experience in the form of words will not always be cheerful. While traveling to a different destination, you learn about different things and witness diverse incidents.

These incidents can be customary for the locals but not for you. These incidents trigger different parts of the human mind and create an impact on the thinking pattern. It provokes you to rethink and reconsider your thoughts and habits.

The majority of travelers get touched by African countries’ social condition and their courage to live a life like that.

I alter the food and water wastage habits after visiting a deserted African country. Penning down these incidents will create a positive change in your personality and makes you a better human.

It Enhances Mental Resilience

Writing is directly effective in mental health. Even writing for 10-15 minutes a day can reduce mental stress and anxiety.

When you travel to a destination, you felt excited and intimated at the same time. The body becomes extra sensitive, and the brain is hyperactive. In this condition, you sense and feel emotions more deeply.

Due to this, even small incidents can create a significant impact on your brain. These incidents make your brain more resilient to smaller incidents in your own life.

The greater suffering of people observed during traveling and writing them obligates you to be thankful and overcome stressful situations. See the following illustration in which a traveler shares his experience of living without money.

It Sparks Creativity

Creativity and travel writing are interconnected. Traveling restrain you from the routine and patterned life. The restraining enables you to think out of the box.

The out of the box thinking sparks new ideas and creative ways to write about your travel experience.

Writing from a fresh and stress-free mind embeds innovative sentence structure and word arrangement that attracts readers contrary to content written in normal life routine.

It Supports in Arousing Climatic Issues

The world is getting interconnected with time. No activity exists in the silo. Travel writers are under continuous pressure to write adequate content that depicts society’s real image.

They are also responsible for not hurting the social sentiments of a country. One thing that they are doing without any fear is journaling climatic conditions.

Travel writers are writing openly about climatic conditions in different countries. Their journals draw global attention towards this issue; many practical steps are taken to overcome these issues.

It makes them feel that they have fulfilled their social responsibility and increases their satisfaction level. Though, not every country accepts the real depiction of climatic conditions in their territory.

It Creates Understanding with Other Culture

Travel writing enables you to understand and evaluate other cultures. Travelling enables you to interact with and witness different cultural activities.

Though, the majority of these activities went unnoticed after returning to routine life. On the contrary, when you are writing these activities, they get memorized and remembered for a longer time. It also enables you to think in-depth and rearrange your thought process.

This rearrangement and remembrance provide knowledge and awareness regarding culture and supports in understanding other people. This understanding you can use to survive in a multi-cultural society.

It Contributes to Literature Collection

Travel writing is designated as a separate genre of literature. It is the most preferred and popular genre among students. It is based on travelers’ firsthand experience in essays, blogs, articles, or any other written or digital material.

The travel writers are the constant ad only source of this literature. The adequately written journal is well appreciated and widely used by the students.

The contribution to the literature provides inner satisfaction and increases the morale of a traveler. It also works as a motivating factor for traveling.

Tips To Write Adequately

The aforementioned impacts that travel writing creates on internal energy are enough to attract any traveler. But, there are many aspects of writing, and all of these are also required to be catered. Master Thesis has provided some tips to write a travel journal adequately;

  • Use plain language, which is easy to understand. Using plain language will support increasing the understandability of the content.
  • Be specific about the information being provided in the content. It is not recommended to add too many details about the surroundings or beating around the bush.
  • The lead, which is the first sentence, secures a significant position. The reader will quit reading if a lead is not well-written. Therefore, use attractive words and interactive sentence structure to engage readers.
  • Use five to eight words as a headline. Give readers a hint about the content in the headline.
  • Make your writing distinctive. Do not provide similar information which everyone already knew about the place. Try to reflect a different side of the destination.
  • Don’t get bias while writing. Write in a manner what you experience, do not put a negative or positive element by yourself.

Summing It Up

Humans most enjoy traveling since their advent. There is no such thing as traveling, as it impacts mental and physical health equally. Travel writing is long being a part of traveling.

Many people earn their bread butter by writing travel diaries. These well-written pieces are designated as a separate literary genre. Travel writing is more effective on the internal energy of the travelers.

I have listed some of the core impacts that it creates on internal energy. I hope these impacts will be enough to motivate you to travel.

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