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UAE Airline Offers 50kg Baggage Allowance To Pakistan

There are many restrictions around the world in all types of industries and businesses. There is no exception in the airline industry, and where many airlines are offering new deals, others are also coming up with the latest restrictions and limitations. During the darkest times caused by a coronavirus, the Etihad airline announces the latest news regarding its baggage rules and terms. Keep on reading to find that out whether it’s good news for you or not. According to most passengers and critics, it’s yet another way of attracting customers because the airline has increased its baggage capacity for all the customers and the Cheap Flights from Lahore to Dubai.

The News

Etihad Airways announces to allow its passengers to carry 50 kilograms of checked baggage until 9th December 2020. You have to bear in mind that this offer is only applicable for business class and economy class passengers flying from its hub Abu Dhabi to:

  • Pakistan
  • Amman
  • Beirut
  • Cairo
  • Dhaka
  • India

Airlines in the United Arab Emirates typically offer travelers a wide range of checked baggage, ranging from 20 kilograms to 40 kilograms on flights to:

  • Pakistan
  • Middle East
  • India

However, passengers should note that baggage limits sometimes differ on connecting flights. In both cases, you can still find cheap flights these days.

What’s the Case with Emirates Airline?

Emirates airline based in Dubai offers Economy Class passengers a maximum of 30 kilograms of checked baggage. However, travelers have a choice of four categories:

  • 20 kilograms in the special version
  • 25 kilograms in the Saver version
  • 30 kilograms in the Flex version
  • 35 kilograms in the case of those choosing the Flex plus

However, passengers to India and Pakistan are allowed to carry 25 kg in the special category and 30 kg in the Saver fare for journeys beginning in Australia and New Zealand and for tickets issued on 26th November 2019. 50 kilograms of luggage is allowed for first-class passengers.

What’s the Case with Air Arabia?

Low-cost carrier Air Arabia based in Sharjah offers:

32 kilograms and 10 kilograms of hand luggage, which is the maximum allowable weight for each person. It also offers checked baggage weighing:

  • 20 kilograms
  • 30 kilograms
  • 40 kilograms

Moreover, there is no limit to the number of pieces you carry with you for the baggage.

What’s the Case with Fly Dubai?

The Dubai Low Budget Carrier that always comes with cheap flights offers a baggage allowance of up to:

  • 20 kilograms for the Value offer
  • 30 kilograms for the Flex category

Both offerings are for Economy Class. While business class passengers receive:

  • 40 kilograms checked baggage allowance.

The hand baggage allowance is seven kilograms for Economy Class travelers and 14 kilograms for Business Class travelers.

Other than that, if you don’t know the facilities that you can get to Dubai airport, then keep on reading to find out.

Dubai Airport

Notwithstanding being probably the busiest air terminal on the planet, Dubai Airport has all travelers require for an unwinding and exciting excursion. The airport provides world-class amenities to the millions of passengers who arrive at the airport each year. Here are some of the extraordinary Dubai air terminal luxuries you may not think about.

Five-star Hotel

Dubai International Hotel offers a luxurious stay for travelers who have an overnight layover and those who need refreshment and relaxation before departure. This place offers everything that can make your stay even more enjoyable and rememberable.


You can enter your airline’s lounges or relax in the Marhaba Lounge while waiting for your flight. There are separate lounges for business travelers.

Zen Garden

It is the perfect place to calm your mind and relax in a natural atmosphere whenever you take your cheap flights to Dubai. The gardens offer free drinks and coffee to make your stay more comforting and enjoyable.


What could be better than a relaxing massaging before a business trip or an important meeting? Otherwise, you can opt for beauty services such as manicures, pedicures, or facials. Whether or not you need expedited administration or a wonderful encounter, our spas will give you complete solace.

Health Club

If you are a wellness crack and don’t have any desire to skirt your preparation due to movement, Dubai Airport Health Club is for you. According to Dubai Airports, passengers can also use the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, or play a pool while waiting to board the plane.


Regardless of your travel class, Majlis makes travel easier by assisting you with check-in, immigration, and baggage clearance. This is done while relaxing in luxurious Majlis salons.

Currency Exchange

As you would expect from a major airport connecting all corners of the world, DXB has multiple bureau exchanges in all of its terminals so that you can get the right currency for your destination.

Moreover, you can even book today’s course and pick it up when passing through the airport!


With a significant upgrade, you can now enjoy unlimited free and fast Wi-Fi in all DXB and DWC areas. To get connected, follow three simple steps:

  • Select(DWC Free WIFI) or(DXB Free WIFI) or from the network list
  • Open the web browser
  • Click (Get online now)

Business Centre

For those with a lot to do, Dubai International Hotel has a business center that includes:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Secretarial Services
  • Photocopying
  • Internet
  • Laminating and Binding
  • Fax and Conference Facilities.

Baby Care Rooms

Are you traveling with a child? Our dedicated childcare rooms will help you take care of them in privacy. Go to our information zones or ask the (Can I help you) staff to find the person closest to you.

Baggage Storage

Terminals one and three offer this service and are open 24 by seven hours a day. But bear in mind that this service is not available in Terminal two. You can have a look at the provide maps to find this service.

The costs are as followed:

  • AED 25 for 12 hours or less for standard size baggage (maximum dimensions 21 x 24 x 11 inches)
  • AED 30 for 12 hours or less for non-standard sized luggage (greater than 21 x 24 x 11 inches)

Valuables: AED 30 for 12 hours or less.

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